Ashland Food Coop Awards Banquet:Grant Funding for Local Non-profits

Awards Banquet receiving Grant Funding for Empowering Superkids at preschool/K level from the Ashland Food Coop. Humbled, grateful, honored the Conscious Living Foundation can further this needed work.

Emotional intelligence, stress coping skills, mindfulness and knowing one’s own inner world resources of mind/body/emotions/willpower/breathing that work together as a system are rights all children should have access to. It will be a different world when this occurs.

Mental health improvement, crime rate reduction, all forms of abuse and many societal ills can be reduced when healthy choices are made based upon with basic self-help skills. How fortunate it is for the children now being reached at a young age in Southern Oregon. May the work spread with increased awareness of the critical need for skills entering young children’s lives and may funders feel purpose in helping reach greater numbers of children. Self-care, self-control and self-confidence are but three of the many benefits that come to fruition through the integration of these skills.

Putting more Awesome into Aging keeping the passion fueled to do this work. Grateful!

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