Trying New Things Essential for Awesome Aging….Like Whole Body Dipping into Snow Melt River

Courage. It took courage…to go from soaking in hot mineral waters to sauna into a snow melt river with whole body dipping….well, courage and telling my heart to keep beating is what was required. Sounds from my gasping mouth were part of the ritual. Refreshing….that’s an understatement! Great for the immune system! And I survived!

Stewart Mineral Springs is such a special destination….completely designed to enhance health and well being. Dr. Emoto’s research team scientifically tested the water crystals stating it is one of the most powerful healing water locations on the planet. In fact, there are only two locations on earth where the male and female spring come up out of the ground next to each other….considered sacred and balancing by many cultures. One is in Glastonbury and the other near Weed, Calif., at Stewart Mineral Springs. #lovinlifeisgreat@68 #tryingnewthingsessentialforawesomeaging

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