Thank You, Starseed Foundation, for a Grant to Empower Superkids

Teaching self-calming to preschoolers with deep breathing

It is a very happy Awesome Aging day when a new chapter can be written
in my life book. The Starseed Foundation has generously provided a
grant for funding The Conscious Living Foundation (non profit, tax exempt
501(c)3. the filming of seven themes educating children as young as
3 years about self-help skills. This work will soon be available online
in video form for children to view, learn and experience techniques,
jingles, songs and skills.

With the growing number of children and youth suffering from mental health issues, it is imperative to teach children at a young age how to be mentally and emotionally healthy. The Center for Disease Control and National Institute for Mental Health have declared 50% of all children and youth in the U.S. suffer from some form of mental health issues. There is a lag between onset and treatment of 8 to 10 years. And then 75% of the cases are not resolved. Time, energy, money are wasted, not to mention the unnecessary suffering in their lives and those who love them.

Downloads will be available for teachers and parents to
be informed about reinforcement methods for the skills. This
enables and empowers the family and classroom systems to
support the child’s integration of skills as well as providing ways
for the caring adults to experience new ways to interact that build
health and relationshps.

Learning self-calming at a young age establishes an awareness to be able
to develop self-management and self-control in switching gears
from tense to calm. It creates the foundation for actualizing inner
world resources leading to the ability to act rather than react, the
awareness to know when tension is mounting and reduce it rather
than become a victim of out-of-control tension/anxiety/anger/negative
emotions. Confidence and building integrity are natural results which
lead to a healthier life. Improved academic achievement and good
relationships are also benefits of learning stress coping skills.

When children have fun learning how they can make good choices
that improve mental/emotional health, they tend to
become more mindful of the empowerment that can be tapped
from inside them anytime, anywhere. They learn they have
a choice of how they handle themselves regardless of what
others are doing or what the circumstances can bring outside
them. It is a wonderful experience to know we always have a
choice even if we cannot control what is going on around us.
This simple accomplishment can mean the difference between
a life ilved in unnecessary suffering feeling victimized and blaming
others for what one feels or building a life that feels worthy, strong,
purposeful and happy from the inside-out. It is a life that is filled
being able to generate more love and compassion, kindness and

Time for a change. Children can help bring the change when we
help them know how to do it. And then they become an empowered part of
the positive change so direly needed/ EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS….every child deserves to have the right to feel like a SUPERKID. The way that happens is to
give children skills that strengthen their own inner worlds.

The Conscious Living Foundation is so deeply grateful for this grant
to film the beginning of the themed sessions with lessons that give
life building skills to children as young as three years old. Thank you,
Starseed Foundation. Your gift will keep on giving and giving.

Visit The Conscious Living Foundation Facebook page. Website is being developed.

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