When Stress Tried to Take Control…….Dancing on the Beach!

Stress: part of life for everyone. Antidote: Skills, tools, laughter and fun to counter balance and not be self-victimizing.

Stress hit in major amounts recently. My choice was to either succumb and buckle under trying to cope or be pro-active. Listening to my body signals, it’s easy to tell when I start to give in and let stress tension overwhelm me. Not my choice this past week.

Took the day off, went to the beach with a friend, had fun hiking in the redwoods and knew I had to dance on the beach. The endorphines created were so uplifting that just recalling that dance to Earth, Wind and Fire on the cell phone immediately uplifts me.

It pays in my aging process to continue to find ways to make it awesome. I’m sure there will be more tests and opportunities on this journey at 68. So being committed to having more fun and using my stress skills is exactly what the inner well being doctor ordered! #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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