“YOU Won a Ribbon, Grandma Boom?” Keeping Those Young Whippersnappers in Awe….

Every year my grandchildren are in awe that I win a ribbon in the July Fourth Ashland parade. This year it was First Place in the Adult Entries. The blue ribbon looks quite lovely as the sixth in a row on the chest of drawers in my bedroom.

My grandchildren are learning that being an older woman does not mean I have to stop having fun, winning awards and exerting myself even though I am bionic (total hip replacement surgery, rod from knee to ankle in same leg, screws in one foot). They pick up the ribbons, three second place and three first place, and literally stare at them, look at me, then put them down with continued staring. I smile heartily.

Not only do I feel like Awesome Aging is a great focus for my own ongoing evolution as a human being, but tapping more of my human potential sets a great example for my grandchildren. Of course, we all will take on aging in the ways that fit our personas best. Mine just happens to include loving being in a parade flying down the street in zig-zag fashion to wave my wings over the children on the curbs, creating magic for them.

I am tired, hot and thirsty at the end of the parade because I run the entire route. S t r e t c h e d to the max! And I am also very happy, content and excited that another year, another parade and another ribbon are under my aging belt. I love being a fun example of an elder in this human tribe! Those young whippersnappers are always observing us, learning what may or may not be possible in their own aging process…..which is going to arrive before they know it. Why not give ‘em a run for their own Awesome Aging processes!!!!! #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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