REDTAIL INN “Eco-Boutique” Marries Historical Preservation and Environmental Care

The epitome of Awesome Aging rests in the heart of REDTAIL INN, now open to welcome visitors. This Ashland gem is the freshly restored historic home originally built by Jesse Applegate McCall in 1890 as an estate farm house. Today MaryAnn and Geoff Geness live their visionary passion to honor preservation of this historical landmark. With the most precious care to strengthen its presence in a noteworthy rebirthing, they have managed to captivate the spirit of the 1890′s while incorporating advanced leading edge enviornmental protection approaches.

Solar panels are coming soon; electric car charging awaits visitors; organic garden produce will delight guests; energy-saving, tank-less hot water heaters (endless hot showers!) and high efficiency heating/cooling systems and much more inhabit the property. The goal? To dramatically reduce the Inn’s consumption of fossil fuels…a big FIRST in southern Oregon.

A very special team created nothing short of a pioneering attitude that leads the way for what is possible – bringing the past and the best of today’s world together in an ideal marriage. MaryAnn’s delightful, meticulous creativity brought an exquisite taste of decor in every element of this heartfelt welcoming home. Geoff’s skilled eye and hand artistic expressions in building and restoring give that touch of love and respect of something worthy. Renowned restorationist, Steve Asher, provided Chief Executive rehabilitation with the historical presence and modern comfort that can be felt as one enters this treasured Inn. Daniel Perry-Kesling, Innkeeper extraordinaire, brings an enveloping welcome to all who make reservations through his proficient and acclaimed AirHop company.

On July 21, Ashland’s Chamber of Commerce embraced the wonders of RedTail Inn while being hosted there and learning more about the noteworthy accomplishments in giving a renewed life to this historic landmark. The website is a ‘must visit’ for much more information. While RedTail Inn continues to become a prized presence in Ashland, we can all celebrate another landmark that will bring only praise from the community as well as from tourists.

Thank you, Geoff and MaryAnn. We appreciate your steadfast, heartfelt commitment to history, the environment and Ashland.

You will enjoy learning more at the website:

OPEN HOUSE July 24, 5-8 p.m.

Live Music, Wine (from Paschal Winery), and Food (from Chef Saudia Sharkey).

The address is 550 East Main Street, Ashland… between the Fire House and Cucinna Biazzi!

550 East Main Street
Ashland, Oregon 97520
MAIN: (877) 411-5545

July 21 Chamber of Commerce Meeting Hosted by REDTAIL INN


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