Finger Labyrinth Good for All Ages

Labyrinths have always fascinated me. Walking a labyrinth brings a soothing sensation with deep contemplation. It serves to keep one’s mind focused on the present moment, also bringing a stronger conscious mind/body awareness alliance into focus.

Some theories say the centuries old technique harmonizes the hemispheres of the brain and brings mind and body into greater synchronization. Another thought is that by walking a labyrinth there is an unblocking of dynamics in order to reach clarity or find answers. Setting an intention in motion with body participation means there is a wholeness to the process of answer seeking and prayer focusing. The labyrinth brings an issue into the physical plane rather than staying in the mental plane’s thought forms.

In early August, when working with pre-K children, I provided them with a finger labyrinth. They used fingers as well as crayons and markers to follow the trail in the yellow sheet with a black labyrinth. In this case, the intention was to help young children focus their attention and create a sense of calm.

Students at the University of Oregon responded to my instructions to use the finger labyrinth to rest and refresh their minds by indicating it accomplished both of those in the middle of a busy day of studying.

Simple alternatives to being fully present and keeping the mind/body state more alert while relaxed are helpful keys to promoting a healthy and awesome aging process. Using a finger labyrinth in a group or with dyads exercise can prove to be a stimulus for an inspirational conversation.

Mind/body stimulants can be easily accessed within one’s internal home base. Finger labyrinths are but one way to delve inward and feel good.

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