Amazing Ashland Supporting Awesome Aging for BEES for a Healthy Ecosystem!

Lauren Trantham oversees honey tasting and voting

Grandma Boom tasting/voting/retasting: ya just have to be sure about the right vote :)

BEES! Ashland is Protecting them for a healthy ecosystem. Honey tasting/voting at Elks Lodge yesterday for the best in the valley. And, of course, a sweet woman was in charge of the sweet tasting/voting, Lauren Trantham, always ready to support good causes!

I sampled, voted and resampled! :) Thank you, City of Ashland, for supporting the BEES with your activism. Here’s a clip from Ashland’s BEE CITY website. So grateful Ashland is on top of the right priorities for a healthy environment!

“The City acknowledges the importance of pollinators to healthy ecosystems, as well as to agriculture and the local economy. Considering the dramatic declines in pollinator populations around the globe, Ashland commits to supporting bees and other pollinators on both public and private land. In order to enhance understanding among staff and the public about the vital role that pollinators play, and what each of us can do to sustain them, the City of Ashland agrees to establish and maintain a BEE CITY USA Subcommittee, comprised of one Parks & Recreation Commissioner, one Staff Liaison and at least three citizens.”

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