SMOKE RELIEF….Free of Charge at Zagorska Spa Salt Cave in Ashland

Salt Cave Walls at Zagorska Spa, Ashland

Not only is Michele Zagorski offering Free of Charge 30 min. sittings in the Zagorska Spa Himalayan Salt Cave while we have smoke in our atmosphere, but is announcing on KTVL 10 NEWS Aug. 25 that EVERY Tuesday will offer open door, free-of-charge, 30 min. sittings in the Salt Cave. She is giving back to her community in a big way with her beautiful big heart.

For me personally, being 68, I know it is important to take extra precautions for my health in a crisis like ongoing smoke. The ions emitted from the Himalayan salt renew, refresh, rejuvenate, nourish, soothe and create a feeling of wellness mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Warm neck wraps as well as heated foot salt blocks are offered to cave sitters. Like a beautiful song that goes through the body, the cave creates harmonic sensations in those who experience the salt cave. Deep, tranquil peace. Clarity for the mind. Upliftment for the heart and emotions. Healing for the body. Michele knows the benefits and sees a need for people to have this resource available.

After my 30 min. stay in the midst of atmospheric smoke I am allergic to, I felt significant pressure relief from heart/chest area and lungs felt much clearer. Sinuses better, too. Mentally and emotionally, I was uplifted. I could breathe so much easier and was not coughing.

Michele Zagorski – you are a true healer to offer this to people. Such compassion! Thank you ever so much! I remain VERY grateful that your gifting is a gem in my process of making sure I continue to feel Awesome in my Aging!

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