Tips for Staying Healthy in the Smoke Marathon

This is a marathon of smoke bombardment. Immune systems are screaming for help. So many people are suffering from symptoms that are nagging and illness producing. With so much being required of our immune systems, it only makes sense to give it some help as much as possible.

TIPS for smoke inhalation from profound SMOKE MARATHON in Oregon. I have smoke allergies so I am working very hard to stay healthy. Here are some tips that are helping me:

Moisture is critical for sinuses and lungs. Breathe deeply in hot steam shower; boil water then let it set with steam and hold head over it to breathe in steam . You can put a towel around your head. Salien solution and Neti pot help clean out antigens. Face dipping does a thorough job of killing antigens, too.

For Face dipping: Fill large bowl with warm water, 2 tbsp. sea salt, 2 tbsp. food grade hydrogen peroxide. Open eyes and mouth and keep them open as you put face into water up to hair line, count to 15, shake head back and forth 3 – 4 times. Lift face out of water, wipe dry and blow nose. Repeat 2 more rounds. Empty bowl. Can repeat this often. It thoroughly Cleans out the sinuses.

Wear a mask – I am sprinkling water in mine for moisture before wearing it. Ionizers help in living situation. Tape windows that are leaking smoke. Ashlanders – go to Zagorska Spa Himalayan salt cave (111 East Main) and sit for 30 min. free of charge while we are being smoked. How generous of Zagorska Spa to offer that to Ashlanders right now – it helps!!!

KEEP HYDRATED…..drink extra water! Homeopathics can help. I am using Kali Iodatum for sinuses and a throat/sinus spray into the mouth that is all natural. Moisture really is critical.

I am also doing extra probiotics. The smoke depletes us so extra effort is needed to counter-balance it. It is important to focus on staying positive and grateful because there is a lot of negativity with the smoke. I am more tired than normal. My system is working extra hard. And since I have to wear a mask, I want it to be fun so I look forward to wearing it. Anyway, it’s always fun to decorate! Plus sprinkling some water inside the mask gives extra moisture in my breathing process that assists in keeping smoke out.

That’s all for now. Good luck. Take care. We truly are in a marathon. Let’s help each other. Kindness is healing in any situation. And pray for rain!

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