Sound Heals: Singing Bowls Spoke to Me at a Cellular Level Making Aging More Awesome

Enter a dimly lit glowing room filled with a magnificent gong that resonates as though it is an entire ocean of soothing sound massaging your inner world. In the surrounding room large singing bowls take their places near mats on the floor and raised cots where people lay down in receptivity for a healing experience. Sound inviting? Anyone can become a participant on first and third Fridays with Karen Parnell leading a session that defies linear verbage definition at Orenda Energy Arts in Medford.

Why does this come as a welcoming in the smoke marathon from forest fires, stress from work, taxing experiences for the mind, body, emotions and spirit in life’s challenges? In my experience, it helps to move stuck energies, releasing tension on all levels to bring upliftment, insight, well-being to every inch of who I am.

In the aging process which we all are engaging in, finding tools that are nothing short of medicine in the most natural approaches gives a launching to advance one’s ability to stay fit in thoughts, words, feelings, deeds and inspiration. I love the way I feel after an hour’s embrace of healing sounds that penetrate every cell with melodic attunement that cannot be compared to music in any realm.

Try it. You’ll love it! Karen Parnell has a gift of creating a symphony of healing sounds that will resonate inside you and become a part of a journey that excels in a deeper meaning of who you are.  Aging IS more awesome with experiences that enliven! For more information:

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