“Put Some South in Yo Mouth” Creativity for Atmospheric Fire Smoke Marathon Doldrums

Okra Succotash

“Put some SOUTH in yo mouth!” I could hear Mom’s voice from the inner planes of my fire-smoke dulled mind. I was in need and craving something fun and different for my Saturday evening stuck inside.

Okra succotash and fried eggplant hit the stove with southern flare filling my air. Chicken dish and baked cinnamon/honey apples (thank you Terry Trantham for the best apples ever) were the sidekicks next to that south for my mouth! And just to make it a special upper, I sprinkled some sugar (I can hear you gasping) guilt free over one piece of my eggplant round. Mom used to let us do that as kids.

Boy, that salty and sweet WAS the main treat! It was so delightful I danced in the kitchen afterwards (probably energy from the fried and sugar combination – haha).

Much better psychologically for me to have fried and sugar in the marathon monotony of this smoke than my normal regime. Gotta make hay while the sun shines….or make your own sunshine when it is smoke dulled. Working hard in 6 weeks of fire smoke marathon to keep my Aging Awesome! #lovinlifeisgreat@68 #gettingmorecreativetokeepmyselfwell

Southern Fried Eggplant....Oh YEAH!

Terry's Best Apples Baked to Perfection/Cinnamon&Honey

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