Ashland Chamber Continues to Age Awesomely! Annual Event Extravaganza!

Just ask any member of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce if it is an amazing organization and you will hear a resounding verse of it’s empowering presence in our community. Not only does the Chamber create a glue for the feeling of a true community that has pride in its services and events for all citizens, but it is downright fun to attend weekly meetings.

The Annual Dinner was flawlessly and gracefully executed in a style and flare that welcomed everyone to network. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and celebrated award winning community members who contribute tirelessly to the well being of our town.

One of the accomplishments I so enjoy about the Ashland Chamber is that the staff creates an atmosphere that feels like a giant neighborhood comprised of good neighbors. That feels healing at a time when there is so much chaos in the world. And time after time, Ashland’s Chamber sprinkles success in whatever it touches. I’d say the Ashland Chamber is one that is aging awesomely! Thank you, staff and members.

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