Witches Who Dance with Broomsticks Use Seatbelts in Ashland

Witch Dance Practice Pre-Parade

The picture is post witch-dance practice at the Historic Armory pre-Halloween parade. Much to the liking of the witches, a number of dances occurred on the Plaza after the notorious Ashland parade. Since broomsticks are pretty stiff to dance with, some of us wore seatbelts to keep from flying off the handle. hahaha

Bringing life to every parade and party in Ashland is Renaissance Rose and her owner, Ann Wilton, considered the Queen of Halloween! Tree House Books were culprits along with ART NOW in organizing and choreographing Ashland’s Witch Dance which could easily become a tradition in Southern Oregon. ART NOW is the non – profit that sponsors activities and projects that benefit children and families through Tree House Books in Ashland.

Witch dancing certainly makes the aging process much more awesome!!! #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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