Xmas Fairy Homeless Project….It’s That Time of Year

(Pictures taken with permission)
When I was a little girl I wanted to be Santa Claus. Being a girl and not a boy, I knew there wasn’t a chance for that to happen. As I grew older and became a mom, I realized there could be a new archetype created….The Christmas Fairy! I had no inclination to be Mrs. Santa so the Christmas Fairy became real for me.

Over the years there have been many opportunities to be the Christmas Fairy who brings joy, sparkles, magic wand wishes, food, singing and ways to meet the needs of those without homes.

For several years I have been the Christmas Fairy with great joy in Ashland. Not only am I that creature in the Festival of Lights Parade, but on Christmas Eve I deliver gifts to the homeless, one-by-one, handed personally from me to each person staying at the homeless shelter in Ashland. I solicit funds from friends to cover costs. The time and energy investment is huge, buying foods, etc. in bulk and filling small bags with those items to then place in larger bags. The temporary shelter on 2-3 nights weekly houses 36 persons sleeping on the floor.

This project calls to me and provides the essence of a true Christmas Fairy which means my dream comes true every time I act in the honor of such a being. I dress in full regalia and connect with each homeless individual as I bring the gifts which include hygiene products, food, health products such as Emergen-C and cough drops, and warm clothing items such as weatherproof sox, gloves, etc.

Those who are interested in helping (all monies are spent on homeless individuals for Xmas as my participation is totally volunteer status) can donate through my paypal account via my email: janailow@gmail.com

This project brings a healthy glow to my goal of continuing to find ways that enhance my aging process to be truly AWESOME! The Xmas Fairy Homeless Project is one that is very humbling to participate in. I am grateful to have the passion to carry it out.

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