Ecstatic Experiences in Ixtapa, Mexico: Airborne Riding on Dolphins

Just returned from Ixtapa, Mexico, where I was privileged to play with dolphins. Holding my back in arched position in the water, legs straight behind me, toes down, arms straight out, two dolphins connected to my feet with their front snout areas. They propelled me straight up in standing position above the water and swam with me for two pool lengths being airborne: one pool length, drop into water, start over, repeat being airborne. I was ecstatic!

Next I was able to be pulled by a swimming dolphin for two pool lengths. It was joyous! I felt like we were dancing in the water. The sensation of connecting through interspecies play truly created a natural high that kept a joyous ecstasy flowing through my body for hours afterwards.

The dolphins have a way of feeling kindred. They sense who we are and are so very kind and loving.  A good dolphin dose feels like an injection for keeping aging in the Awesome range. It is nothing short of medicine on the fun shelf of self-medicating. And dolphins are play experts that can encite one’s inner child like a piece of candy. I highly recommend it. #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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