TEN REALTY Tithes Monthly to Local Charities…Grateful The Conscious Living Foundation is the November Recipient

At the Ashland Chamber of Commerce weekly Greeters meeting today, Sophia Siobhan Wolohan Bogel of TEN REALTY presented The Conscious Living Foundation, non profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 a check for $1,600. She and her husband, Adam, named TEN REALTY for the purpose of tithing 10% to a monthly charity in the community. It is their belief that strengthening the community is the wisest way to live in the community.

As Executive Director of The Conscious Living Foundation, I was honored to receive this check that supports my program, EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS, by teaching children as young as 3 how to manage stress and develop emotional intelligence. 50% of U.S. children and youth suffer from some form of mental health issue according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and NIMH (National Institute for Mental Health). There is an 8 to 10 year lag from the onset to treatment and 75% of those cases are not resolved. In addition, 21% of all child abuse cases in Oregon are in Jackson County!

Billions are spent in our country annually with little to show for that investment. A stitch in time saves nine. Moreover, unnecessary suffering that can be prevented is not at the forefront of mental health yet. Prevention IS the key!

85% of a child’s brain develops by the age of 5 years. I teach children beginning at age 3 how the mind, body and emotions work together as a system along with proper breathing. TEN REALTY sees the picture clearly regarding the state we are in with societal maladies and mental health issues. Their support means more children will be reached and supported in developing self-awareness, self-control, self-care and self-confidence. Children who are empowered with skills help to strengthen their families, schools, neighborhoods, towns and the overall culture. It is time to prioritize them and that is exactly what TEN REALTY has done with their contribution.

I like to imagine in my Awesome Aging process that businesses take note of TEN REALTY’s leadership in tithing and supporting charities that help to build a healtheir community. TEN is the model for what is needed at this critical juncture in our chaotic world.

Thank you, TEN, for your vision, mission and passion. You stated that my work is changing the world. I reflect that sentiment back to you because YOU are changing the world, too!

My Aging process just got much more Awesome with TEN’s encouragement and support!

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