Young Elves Selflessly Save the Day with Older Elves for Xmas Fairy Homeless Project

Cross-generational elfing is where it’s at! Four young elves saved the day, assisting older elves. Different ages joining together to spend an afternoon being selfless to help homeless have a caring feeling at Christmas. The homeless will be receiving packages prepared especially for them hand delivered by the Xmas Fairy which I am totally honored to BE!

It was amazing to see how conscientious the young elves were to make sure everything was distributed evenly in the packages they were in charge of. Friends were quite generous this year making it possible to provide sox, fleece gloves, hats, scarves, hygiene products, cold lozenges and Emergen-C, food and gift certificates for 40 at Wendy’s that were $8 apiece. Deep gratitude to the generous persons who donated money and items this year… is the best year yet for fantastic gift packages!

I showed the young elves pictures of how the homeless sleep on the floor and their belongings are in a backpack. They looked intently and then imagined what they would put in a backpack if they only had that one option for all their belongings. It was hard for them to imagine that reality but they looked at the pictures intently to try to grasp it. And then they rolled up their sleeves and put their ALL into doing a great job!

Packages, one with fleece warming items, hygiene and health items, the second package with food, will be warmly delivered to each individual at a temporary shelter soon. I find this experience as the Xmas Fairy to be the true meaning of the soul of Christmas goodwill. It fills my heart and humbles it at the same time. Oh, if everyone could feel cared about……so important to do what we can. It is good for our own heart and soul health in the process. Pictures below to show homeless bedding, items in packages, etc. (photos taken with permission)



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