Xmas Fairy Report on Homeless Shelter Packages Delivered

Xmas Fairy Delivery to Homeless Shelter last night….left me with a heart sensation of expansion that is very deep. The homeless rate grows exponentially now. More people crowded into the temporary shelter than in past years. Everyone was so sweet and appreciative of the gifts from the Xmas Fairy and Elves. My son assisted me at the shelter.

Here are some glimpses of the evening in pictures and written vignettes (all photos taken with permission and some requested photos be taken to help further this work). With each person I handed two separate one gallon bags (food in one, hygiene items, sox/fleece gloves/hats/scarves, Emergen-C/cough lozenges in the other) plus a $4 gift certificate to Bi-Mart and $8 meal certificate to Wendy’s…..for 40 people.

I ‘connected’ with every single person, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart, wishing them a Merry Christmas and asking each person’s name which I used in addressing them. I touched each person on the arm and some wanted hugs. A few just wanted to hold my hand. Also I waved my singing wand above each person’s head, asking them to close their eyes and make a wish, to keep it in their hearts. Every person loved doing this. It was so heart touching. And the magic of the moment occurred with each one.

Some memorable moments of the evening: A woman having tears roll down her face receiving the gifts; some men and other women having teary eyes; some who needed to be greeted on the floor instead of standing up so I met them there; someone calling out that I was not a fairy but an angel; a man who was wobbly and his fingers could not grasp the certificates so I had to wind his fingers over them; several people who came back 2-3 times to express appreciation; a man who fell in the creek trying to find a friend in the dark and was soaking wet with no blanket to keep warm; a woman who said, “I wish I could make people feel good like you do.” My response to her: “We ALL have special ways to help others and do not all do the same things. A smile, helping someone with a door, and so many things help others. It’s up to you to just do them and it will help. It is the time on the planet where we need to be helping each other every chance we can.” She looked surprised like a light bulb went on and realized she is empowered to help others. There was a man who shared that he is praying for an old trailer no one wants so that he can have a place to live. A young man approached me asking if he could take the bags and certificates not only for himself but also for his pregnant wife who was laying on the floor and not feeling very well to walk over and get her own.

Everyone was so gracious. Some remembered me from other years. I owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated monetarily and with items to share, as well as those who assisted in collating everything (the ELVES…Lisa Manyon, Barbara Tricarico, Cheryl Markiewicz, and younger elves Ava, Holden, Claire and Grayson), because I cannot do this alone. Every cent and every ounce of effort was an integral part of making this a meaningful success for 40 people whose realities are challenging. My life is fuller and more meaningful from this experience. I am grateful to the homeless for accepting my presence and the presents.So many said, “God bless you.” I did and do feel blessed…..and so fortunate to be embraced by a part of the culture so different than the way I live….and so fortunate to feel the passion in my heart to answer the call to do this act of goodwill without discrimination, without judgment, with love. I am grateful. #lovinlifeisgreat@68 #trulyawesomeagingwithpassionasfuel


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