Writing movie reviews is not my forte. Having an experience that is breathtaking, uplifting and soul stirring and then writing about it IS my forte.

In my journey of Awesome Aging, I look for what is really functional, and moves me to a space that not only uplifts but carries me into another
dimension of myself. THE GREATEST SHOWMAN has done that three times now. I never revisit a movie more than twice in the theater and that is extremely rare.

After experiencing the big screen and the music of THE GREATEST SHOWMAN three times now, I know it has a significant meaning in my life and will continue to influence me through its music.

By the way, the sound track of the movie is NOW trending #1 on ITunes!! Movie critics have not been very kind to the movie. Perhaps because they are nit picking and want to sound critical. Everyone I know that has seen the movie raves about it.

The transitions from one phase to another, especially with the music, are flawless. The beauty is magnificent with vibrant colors, choreography that elevates viewers to unimaginable heights. Emotions are tapped over and over in ways that stretch the imagination. If movies were rated with Feng Shui points, this movie is off the charts!

I hope to see it again before it leaves Ashland Street Cinema this Friday. And I recommend it to everyone. Miss it and you are missing something that could bring you to a new appreciation of feeling naturally high after watching a movie in a theater.

And, for the record, when it is for sale I will be owning a copy!

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