Uplifting Others Fuels Awesome Aging

Passion. Mission. Vision. EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS is a big slice of my life pie. It is an energy that generates rather than depletes. It is the feeling of heart and soul purpose alive inside my being that feels like a river is flowing rather than a lifeless stagnation that whithers one’s sense of self.

For 41 years I have taught children how to empower themselves with self-help skills, concentrating on how the mind/body/emotions/breathing work together as a system. Emotional intelligence and stress management are basic foundations in an approach to living life with greater control of oneself, acting versus reacting.

As I age, I find my work to empower and uplift others is a key catalyst in my own upliftment and empowerment. How fortunate i feel to have such an intensity about leaving a legacy that will continue with a life of its own when mine is no more.

Helping others creates a full heart that I believe adds to one’s own heart health. In this recent bout of flu victims, it has been a heartfelt endeavor to take food to those who are ill and run errands on occasion.

These actions connect us to each other in meaningful ways. We are all on journeys trying to find our way and helping others enriches the jungle of our seeking depth and fulfillment.

At almost 69, I look forward to finally launching my career in EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS to a whole new level. It is a
road unknown and not traveled so I have no road map. Perhaps
there is no need for one as long as I continue doing the work and it
opens doors to further my ability to help others help themselves at a young age. Onward/upward/forward/TRUSTward with the Awesome Aging Adventure! #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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