Ella Fitzgerald Performance Moved Me into Another World…..Her World

I was imagining being Ella Fitzgerald during the beautiful Tribute to her tonight presented by Livia Genise Productions. Starring as Ella Fitzgerald was the amazing Sue Carney with excellent narration by David King-Gabriel and expert musicians Mark Reppert, Steve Fain, and Steve Sutfin.

Narratives between songs that spoke of Ms. Fitzgerald’s journey brought her presence into the room that could be felt with great emotion. It stretched my imagination to feel her homelessness and singing on street corners; being discriminated against; a “Me Too” survivor; so spirited in music that it lived inside her as she lived inside it; having the ability to keep that spark and spunk in tact in spite of endless obstacles….

I wondered how much healing occurred winning more awards than any other artist in history. I imagined her gratitude when befriended by Marilyn Monroe who convinced a club owner to hire Ella. Marilyn made a trade with the club owner. She offered to sit in the front row every night for a week while Ella performed. Calling attention to Ms. Fitzerald’s talent, other stars also showed up.to experience Ella Fitzgerald’s undeniable soul surrendering.

Suffering from diabetes with legs amputated below the knees and blind, she still performed as she aged. She lived her music. She kept her passion regardless of anything in life, making her aging process fulfilling. This Tribute had a deep impact on me. Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. is the final show. Bellview Grange, Ashland.  A performance to FEEL.

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