Very often I am asked what I do for my vitality and vibrance. In response, a workshop will be offered at Zagorska Oasis Spa and Satl Cave IN the Salt Cave where a very soothing and nourishing atmosphere add to anyone’s health and day.

There are a number of factors I find essential in creating an awesome aging experience and empowering myself to live fully. Aging offers many advantages as well as challenges. In order to meet those challenges with gusto and GROWTH, I continually search and practice techniques that empower me in a positive, life-loving manner. As a result, more energy is tapped. The mind/body/emotions/lspirit connection is a vital force in awareness.

Experiences will be offered in the workshop that range from energy flow techniques and biofeedback for stress relief, inner balance, and youthfulness; creative inner child freedom; tuning oneself; self-healing modalities; cellular health and more.

I use mind/body skills and have prevented two surgeries with self-help skills, requested no drugs for a C-section 36 years ago, had no drugs before/during/after bunion surgery, several root canals and tooth implants. My teaching approach is highly experiential. Living in Ashland, I serves as Ashland’s fairy in parades, teach children self-help skills, have 7 books on Amazon, and am retired adjunct faculty at the U of O. I have dedicated my life to advancing my own human potential and helping others, having studied from several master teachers.

March 21st, 6:30 to 8;45 pm. $50 fee. BYOB(bring your own water bottle).
Space for 8 participants who pre-register (first come first serve)
To pre-register<a

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