LOVE, SIMON….Recommended by Me….Mother of a Gay Son

Watching LOVE, SIMON, I was so touched by the artistry so tastefully done to bring viewers to a place of empathy. I am aware of the journey a gay son has taken through discrimination and inequity. It is nigh on to impossible with some people who are opposed to anyone who is not just like them….to help them open up by merely having a conversation.

LOVE, SIMON accomplishes the formidable task of bringing to light the humanness in the pressure of being discriminated against and not accepted as a normal human being. In my aging process, having been born in 1949, I have witnessed oppression of many in these decades since childhood. I am ever so grateful for more leaders across industries to be voices of equality and inclusion for those who deserve respect.

It has to be such a relief and encouragement to those in the homosexual community to have such a powerful statement from Hollywood in support of their right to be free.

Thank you, LOVE, SIMON producers, cast and crew! What a worthy project! The world is a better place and those who gain from this will have a happier aging process!

My complete sentiments about this movie in a nutshell: “LOVE, SIMON”….heart rendering and excellent! The movie has a special touch that will hopefully open closed minds and hearts to the reality of other humans who want to be…and deserve to be… treated as humans. Period. As the mother of a gay son, I applaud this movie as a catalyst for greater empathy, acceptance, equity, diversity, inclusion, kindness and mutual respect. It is a gift to those who will receive it. #lovinlifeisgreat@68


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