I FEEL HAPPY with Amy Schumer a MUST SEE: Combining Painful Priorities with Hysterical Laughter

Seven of us gathered together in Ashland Street Cinema to watch I FEEL PRETTY for a dose of laughter. We laughed until we had tears…..many times throughout the movie.

In between the incredible humor there were poignant points made about today’s obsession with thin and gorgeous, leaving out the inner worth and respect for the individual. The blend was flawless. FEEL the pain, FEEL the laughter. The entire process was healing.

While younger generations have their own slant about priorities, I observe their inclinations and processes, having been a young age myself. It is all a test for one’s growth in evaluating what is a priority at any given age…..and it does change for most over time in some areas of living life to its fullest.

I FEEL PRETTY brings up a host of points that our culture is facing throughout the generational span. We all are finding our way and if we can mix humor in with the learning process, we are all the better for it.

Big thanks to Amy Schumer, the cast and crew. Awesome Aging is a concept that embraces learning and laughing with a flare for life regardless of age.

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