Accepting Change: An Importnat Attitude Key in Awesome Aging

Toe spacers are now an accompaniment for my exercise walks to keep crowded toes from squishing each other. They may look funny in my sandals but they sure help how my feet feel!

Memories of my folks sayings are coming frequently to my mind that make more sense now than ever before. Body talk is something that cannot be ignored so I am a better listener. It’s the way I learn what else to google about to help any physical change calling to my attention. A magnifying glass sits at my desk, in the kitchen (heaven to mergatroid….who designs the print on vitamin bottles, anyway!!!) AND in my purse. It’s all workable.

I find that if I can learn something new by a change that is hitting my life’s landscape which is what I keep reminding myself to do….keep learning, Janai…it is growth and movement. And then I remind myself to feel grateful and hopeful. It all makes a difference in how I accept the change.

The toe spacers? Well, wasn’t too excited to have the pain from overlapping toes begin to happen. But googling and discovering toe spacers was nothing short of hope from heaven’s door! And a friend bought some choices for me in my new dilemma. So sweet of her. I found it actually kind of fun to experiment to see which kind of spacers would work best……bottom line…..depends on the shoes!

While priorities may change with aging, it’s the feeling of locking into what really feels better at any point and being able to go with that flow whenever possible. Exercise routines have changed over the years. Using a shake machine with weights feels great instead of TRX classes (where I broke a hip a couple years ago).Walking in nature gives me something nothing else does. THAT has remained a constant and forest is better than concrete for the body and for inspiration.

It is easier to realize how much I am a part of nature as I age. Nature is change. I am change. And yet, fortunately for me, I still have a very active inner child inside me as well as a teenage girl and a woman who has grown through the decades to the present age of 69. I am all of me. And it keeps me being able to relate to other generations. I like that.

Accepting change means being flexible in finding new ways of seeing myself, being myself and learning how to best care for the changes inside my mind, body, spirit. Holding to the idea that life is a workshop and an adventure, it is essential to embrace the changes and not fight them, do what I can and have the wisdom to accept what I can’t. (short version of the Serenity Prayer).

The Serenity Prayer was my mom’s favorite…..and how well I understand it now more than ever.

Onward/upward/forward/TRUSTward…’s all good, not all easy, important to embrace all of the changing me and go for the gold!

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