More Support for Children Learning to Self-Regulate: THANK YOU, THANK YOU…to Ashland Food Coop and First Interstate Bank Foundation

Forty two years and counting I have taught children as young as three in an irresistible, fun 3D approach to self-regulate managing their thoughts, feelings and behaviors. With the crisis in mental health, children and youth, ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) is at epidemic level. My work is helping to strengthen children and prevent unnecessary stress.

In my Awesome Aging process, having something that is bigger than my own problems to focus on creates an avenue for tremendous passion in a vision and mission to improve conditions in our world through the children. More support is needed because there is a great need in the lives of too many children today who are suffering without knowing self-help skills in toxic stress environments.

THANK YOU, Ashland Food Coop for the second grant award and for believing in the importance of young children learning essential skills for a healthier, happier life, including children from all backgrounds and those who suffer with ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences.)

Also we are so very grateful to First Interstate Bank Foundation for lending a hand in helping children learn how to manage stress and develop emotional intelligence for resiliency in their lives.

Here is the press release about the grant from First Interstate Bank Foundation:
First Interstate Bank Foundation supports community-based Superkid Power

Ashland, Oregon – Matt Leek, Chairman of the Board of the Conscious Living Foundation.US (CLF) announced that CLF has received an award of financial support from the First Interstate Bank Foundation (Billings, MT and Medford, OR).
The award was made to support the ongoing ‘Superkid Power’ curriculum teaching by Janai Mestrovich, a.k.a. ‘GrandMa Boom’, with focus on early social and emotional learning (SEL) for kids, ages 3 to 6. Janai is currently teaching Superkid Power at the Briscoe Migrant program (division of Head Start) in Ashland, at Lone Pine Elementary in Medford, at the Talent Boys and Girls Club and in Phoenix at the Promise Program which is a division of the Family Nurturing Center.

In making the award, Jamie Brindle, Vice President, Southern Oregon for First Interstate Bank, noted that what Janai Mestrovich does is totally unique and that work supports an important segment of the Southern Oregon community.

CLF is a not for profit, 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated towards teaching resilience to early adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) using an approach to bolster early character building with focus on self awareness, self confidence and self respect as well as communication and collaboration skills leading to mutual respect for class mates, teachers and parents. Kids are taught how to recognize stress and how to use deep ‘belly button’ breathing to relax, think and make good choices.

Janai Mestrovich (BS/MS, Family and Child Development) has developed and taught the Superkid Power program over a 40+ year career as well as writing other children’s books like ‘Beeing Calm’, ‘Superkid Goes to Camp’, ‘Superkid Saves the Day’, ‘Dragonella’, ‘Jackson’s Fun Adventures’, ‘The Secrets Inside Copper Mountain’ and ‘The GrandMa Boom Chronicles’ autobiography which explains Janai’s philosophy of life being ‘More Alive at 65’.

Janai is an early pioneer in children’s stress prevention programs, she has taught at the University of Oregon and Southern Oregon University, she has produced award winning independent film, hosted TV and radio shows and is an international speaker.

Janai can be reached at: and as well as

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