Putting LOVE into Classrooms for Children to EMPOWER SUPERKIDS

In my Awesome Aging journey, I want to be more of who I am and have found that expressing what is in my thoughts more spontaneously is very satisfying. I see a boy opening a door for an older woman and call out how kind that is for him to do. A little girl bops by me on the sidewalk with a happy smile just to be bopping down the sidewalk. I tell her as she passes it is delightful to see her smile and happiness.

“I love you! I love being with you!” I felt it so I said it……in classrooms as I finished teaching a lesson and was packing to leave. Some of the students in the classes looked up in awe. Some smiled big smiles.

One girl came over, grabbed my hand and had tears in her eyes. She begged me not to go. A little boy stood by me helping to gather my visual aids and tugged on my costume, telling me he liked it. Another boy was standing so close it was hard for me to pack up. He leaned toward me with his big blue eyes insisting, “You don’t come see us enough. Try to come on more days. Come on all the days if you can!”

At the beginning of one of the classes the children came in from recess and saw me. Suddenly there was a rush toward me of outreached arms calling out, “Grandma Boom! Grandma Boom!” I had to lean against the wall to steady myself as they all huddled around me with a group hug. I love telling them I love them. They can feel it because I feel it and what a beautiful expression to share in a class for educating our future decision makers, leaders, workers, caregivers, parents, public relations, travelers and more.

Maybe in their futures some will be able to say “I love you” in places where it’s not expected and they feel it…..you never know what seeds planted will come to fruition.

I love my work teaching resiliency, stress management, emotional intelligence to preK and K aged children. Love is always present when I EMPOWER SUPERKIDS to become more of who they can be.

And you know…… the little ones are always watching us to learn what is possible…….always!!!!!!!!!!!! #heartnsoulshineat69

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