Powerful Lesson Helping Children to Know How to Connect with Others

As I continue in my Awesome Aging process, I dearly value good connections with others. It is enlivening at the very least. Unfortunately, research shows that many children entering the educational system today do not feel like they are connected to anyone. Of course, this impacts mental health and behavior.

In order to help this situaiton, I created a powerful lesson. Today I taught pre-K and K how it feels to be connected. I used an energy tube that creates an energy circuit – it lights up in rainbow lights and makes a sound when you hold hands with someone.

In addition I focused on eye contact, listening with ears and heart-to-heart connection. Teacher roleplay, whole class circle, dancing and singing with drumming the special song: WHEN I CONNECT WITH YOU, AND YOU CONNECT WITH ME, WE BOTH FEEL GOOD….ABOUT WHO WE CAN BE!

Children drummed while I danced to their singing and drumming. Then the teacher and i drummed and sang while the children danced. FUN!!!!!

Each child got to connect with me with the energy stick while we had direct eye contact and I told each child I liked them and being friends. Ever had a lesson in school like that? They LOVED it!

Many other activities reinforced the lesson. How I love EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS!! Now these children know how to connect with others in a quality way – even if others don’t connect with them….they now know how to create connection. YES!!!!! Supporting this work means more children will be reached. They are in need! https://www.patreon.com/EmpoweredSuperkids

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