Foster Grandparents Aging with Purpose Helping Children/ACES Training

Yesterday I had the honor of facilitating Foster Grandparent Training with retired grandparents living below the poverty level who volunteer to work with ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) young children and make $2.65 an hour. Bless them! The ACES training was sponsored by Community Volunteer Network in Medford. My work accents traditional ACES Awareness training that gives information about ACES as I provide hands-on techniques to use with children in a practical everyday modality.

It was my joy to conduct an extremely FUN twofold training with them today with self-regulation/stress mgt./emotional intelligence/resiliency skills for themselves as well as how to teach young children self-help skill basics.

I was paid nothing for my 2 1/2 days investment in doing this with prep and teaching. The program has no budget. I look forward to a benefactor/fairy godparents/donations/sponsors to support the children’s needs with training I can provide and actually be supported doing this work. THAT would certainly add to my Awesome Aging journey

Feedback: They LOVED it! EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS is what it is all about!!! And those who work selflessly to care for and help children enhance their own quality of life and aging process with passionate purpose. #heartnsoulshineat69 #ourworldneedskidswithskills Be a part of the solution to societal ills and consider supporting this work to EMPOWER SUPERKIDS

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