Awesome Aging Adventures in Europe: Discovering What I am Capable of

It was a 2 week adventure to Paris, London and Croatia that my son gifted me. He was an amazing tour guide, having been to Europe many times for speaking engagements as well as pleasure seeking visits. Darion Lowenstein, my son, is 6’4″ and has long legs. I am 5’2″ and have short legs. His gait for walking at his normal fast pace is my pushed gait to sprint and sometimes run to keep up. He takes stone steps at castles and forts two at a time. I feel like a bunny rabbit hopping up one step at a time like I am trying to escape a wild skunk.

Through the countless sites in Paris, London and Croatia, we averaged 8 .5 to 11 miles a day except for a couple days where 4-5 miles seemed like child’s play. During this entire gifted adventure, I was determined to keep up. I did not know previously that I could keep up this kind of pace at 69 years of age with a hip replacement, rod in one leg and screws in a foot. Being bionic evidently does not have to prevent wild adventures.

Through all that we experienced, including my famous cousin’s house/museum, Ivan Mestrovich, in Split, Croatia, I was deeply touched in many ways. My roots were activated in each country, being an eclectic mix of nationalities in my DNA. Stonehenge, Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, walking a walled city – Dubrovnik, visiting the Louve and British Museum, the wonders of Versailles, meeting for dinner with Darion’s friends in several countries, admiring the technology for the Roman Baths in Bath, being in a village that is kept in tact like it was in the 1600’s…..dancing in a king’s room with my wings I use in parades, visiting a high school friend in Newcastle, and so much more…….my palate was filled with inspiration. My mind was beyond capacity to comprehend all the things that were made to last; my emotions were touched in myriads of ways, sometimes to tears; my spirit was uplifted to amazing heights; my body hung in there and was pooped when I returned. But I did it! I hung in there with a 37 year old who wanted me to experience so many things he knew I would love.

I am so grateful to my son for such an incredible life gift. And I am grateful to myself for being willing to sprint through three countries in two weeks. Thank goodness I’ve kept up with exercising and have an open mind to adventure. This was a landmark in my Awesome Aging process that encourages me to want to find out what else I can do and accomplish! #heartnsoulshineat69

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