Mind/Body/Spirit Stretching for Healthy Aging…like talking to a Baby Sea Lion

Raking labyrinth at Bandon

Doing something new, something different, something that s t r e t c h e s me always brings a feeling of satisfaction and contentment. It opens my mind as I discover a new experience and adventure into the unknown. It takes me out of ruts, demolishes the ‘same ole same ole’ sensation that can bring monotony and sedentary living. Seeking and finding is always invigorating. Mind stretching youthens. But it is not just reading about something. That does not move my body and the mind/body connection in fueling my spirit to soar.

During the wildfire smoke marathon I have found it essential to do mind/body/spirit stretching to keep from getting grumpy, keeping my attitude upward and strong, and feeling more alive than less so.

Beached baby sea lion

Doing things differently and shaking up the routine are good starters. Trying out a new recipe, talking to a person I don’t know at the grocery store, heading to the ocean and talking to a baby sea lion who was taken to shore by his parents while they fueled up eating since he was still on mile – they came back later to get him, singing in a cave, helping to groom/rake an intricate and interwoven labyrinth by the sea with an old friend, June Davies, eating something new I’ve never tried, walking backwards to see where I’ve been…..just finding things that stretch me and doing them. JUST DO IT…as Nike professes! Make that aging more awesome by s t r e t c h i n g mind/body/spirit!

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