Son Gifts me Blonde Wig for 68th Birthday

My son always hosts me for my birthday, usually in L.A. This year he chose Las Vegas, wanting to take me to see Cirque de Soleil which I’ve never previously experienced.

Before the dinner and show, Darion,35, handed me a gift. When I opened it I was rather shocked to see a blonde wig. I’ve never imagined myself as a blonde, but what the heck! Awesome aging is supposed to include a whole new range of adventures. So I put on the wig.

At first I could not relate to it and didn’t recognize myself. But there was something fun in looking not-like-me. So I went with it.

Friends have asked if blondes have more fun…..I would have had just as much fun that evening in any color of wig! Grateful for the entire experience but mostly for the joy of spending time with a son who wanted to spend time with his mom. #lovinlifeisgreat@68


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Turned 68 with a New Hashtag and a Touch of Flair and Flare

Turned 68! WOW! Wanted to add to my Awesome Aging process and have some
FLAIR (Webster says ‘flair’ means stylish and original). OK. Thanks to Renaissance Rose in Ashland I was able to try on some outlandish outfits and truly got to fill in the FLAIR! What fun!!!

Looked up FLARE. One definition was that a flare becomes wider at one end. Well, that certainly is true! hahahahaha

I figured I may as well celebrate with both of my flairs/flares. It’s the simple joys that bring the heart many smiles. I embraced my ’68′ with my new hashtag that I love because it is my daily reminder mantra to DO IT. #lovinlifeisgreat@68

Now I am motivated to live by that and up to it. Awesome Aging has its quirks and its gifts. Doing all I can do to flow through the quirks so they don’t own me and giving hugs to all the gifts with deep and great appreciation.

Good wishes to all for finding a formula to age with grace, a splash of fun, growing wiser, appreciation of joyful moments, the beauty that surrounds us, the challenges that teach us more about life’s intricacies, the feeling of accomplishment for our skills, staying humble and grateful while being confident about our contribution to society…..and so much more. #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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Grant from Starseed Foundation Helping Area Pre-K and K Students

A warm hearted THANK YOU to Starseed Foundation for a much needed grant to The Conscious Living Foundation, non profit, tax exempt 501 (c)3 that allows children to receive supplies and books in the Self-Help Empowering Superkids program.

In addition, another deep expression of gratitude for the acknowledgment from Starseed about the importance of this needed work being taught to young children when they are forming ways to cope with life stress. As they learn self-help skills, they have more healthy options available in their tool boxes to make good choices, build confidence from the inside-out and assume more self-control.

Beeing Calm is a delightful story about Buzzbee who has too much tension. His sister teaches him about the importance of self-calming. Interactive and provides related art activities to reinforce the concept. Available on Amazon. Kids love it!

Thank you so very much, Starseed! This work for children is fueled with great passion, vision and mission. You have added high octane fuel for my Awesome Aging process to live with even more passion providing needed services to children in our world of many challenges. They now have a wonderful opportunity to live with greater inner strength because of your support.

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Conversation with a Homeless Teen…..

“Why are you homeless?” I asked the young man – an older teen. His sad eyes looked down at the ground for a couple seconds before he responded. His clothes were very worn but he had a cleanliness about him.

“I couldn’t take the abuse anymore. There was a lot of it – different kinds. So I ran far away because there wasn’t anybody to run to.” At that point he glanced at my eyes, looked down at the ground again, then raised his head up, connecting directly with me.

I asked him what he thinks about for his life and if drugs are a part of it. “I have always liked music and would like to be a musician. Sometimes drugs helped me forget the abuse but sometimes they made me think about it more. I want away from the abuse. That’s why I ran away. Now I am trying to stay away from the drugs for that reason.”

He indicated he is still on the run, not knowing where he will end up. The conversation ended with me thanking him for sharing. He smiled a gentle smile, saying, “Thanks for taking time to understand.” Oh how the heart wants kindness to touch it……so true for everyone, isn’t it!

Taking time to have this conversation made my aging process more awesome, more meaningnful, more enlightened, more compassionate.

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Research on Heart Health from Gratitude…..Do you have Baditude or Gooditude?

Paul Mills, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, conducted a study on the impact of gratitude on health. He found that the more grateful people were, the healthier they were: less depressed mood, slept better, more energy, lower levels of plaque on the heart, as well as reduced inflammation.

As a senior citizen desiring an Awesome Aging experience, I love teaching empowering lessons to young children. Bringing awareness to their little minds and hearts, their everyday experiences, means they can have more choices in how they live their lives. Gratitude is a heart filler that keeps a positive outlook on life, so why not teach ages 3-6! It is what I call Empowering Superkids – they can be their own heroes and heroines in everyday situations.

And we can EMPOWER SUPERKIDS by teaching them simple, fun ways to focus on gratitude.

BADITUDE AND GOODITUDE….. these words were created this week in a Kindergarten class where I was teaching about GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION – how they keep the heart happy and healthy. The yellow poster with the glowing heart I designed gives a FEELING of what happens to the heart when we are thankful/grateful/appreciatiave.

Baditude – when we do not have a good attitude because we are grumpy and do not find something to feel grateful for. Gooditude (good attitude) happens when we choose to FEEL grateful. Saying ‘thank you’ without heart does not register on the Gooditude Scale. There’s always a choice….and how exciting in my aging process to be inspiring children with this vital information for heart health! I am GRATEFUL to know to do this, to feel passion to do it and helping my own heart in the process.

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Pie Baking with Grandchildren Has Its Rewards….Like…. Eating Pie Dough!!

Once upon a spring break Grandma Boom, better known as ‘Booey’ to her grandchildren, asked them what they would like to do. They were so excited to make pies. “Apple” bellowed the grandson. “NO. I want blueberry!” insisted the granddaughter.

Booey proceeded to follow through having forgotten how intense pie creating can be with three, especially two who needed lots of help AT THE SAME TIME and with two different kinds of pie mixtures. It all became worth while when the grandmother, granddaughter and grandson began munching on pie dough.

And they baked their pies living happily ever after Booey became cross-eyed and collapsed! hahahahaha #earthisheaven@67 #evenwhenyouaretiredbuthappy

Putting Awesome Aging Memories into a life of not being bored!

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Honored to Receive Appreciation Award…..from International Pacific Northwest Women’s Festival

While I find it humbling to receive this award, it is a welcome encouragement. My four decade work with children, Empowering Superkids, was one of twelve women’s work making a positive ripple in the world nominated for the Pebble Rebel Award at the International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest.

I received a Certificate of Appreciation. The winner of the Award was Lynette Johnson who founded Soulillumination. She and other photographers have a program for offering families with terminally ill children or Parents a free family photo session. Lynette began this work in Seattle and it grew from just her to about 40 other photographers. Lynette has been recently diagnosed with cancer herself. I congratulate her and send wishes for her healing and recovery to continue her important work.

I remain very grateful to have been nominated and hope it brings more awareness to the need for children to have the right to know themselves and how to work with their own inner resources. My crusade continues which adds an amazing spice of life to my Awesome Aging process………

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NOISES OFF……Oregon Cabaret Cast Outdoes Itself….NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

It is one thing to say a play is awesome. But it is another whole realm of a category in experience to say a play is awe-inspiring and that I was aweSTRUCK watching it. Well, awestruck in-between layers of unstoppable laughter!

The cast has accomplished what must have been at least slightly mind-blowing when first learning their lines and movements. They did an impeccable job to create an absolutely incredible production at the Oregon Cabaret Saturday night.

Laughter galore was coupled with pure amazement at the energy expended in their performance. I could barely keep up with their phenomenal actions so flawlessly performed. Highly recommended!!! Highly appreciated!!! It is this kind of production to witness when one wants to be truly entertained at the core. Enlivening to watch; captivating to experience! A favorite on my list to make Aging more Awesome!

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Laughter……For the Heart and Soul, plus Calorie Loss

Loving the morning after an evening of boisterous laughter…..laughing so hard with endearing friends that my stomach hurt, my eyes were tearing and we were possibly a bit loud in the restaurant….hearty laughter fills up space! Then coming home and having sisterly laughter that continued on the fun tummy aching, tearing thread. What a great dose of medicine for the heart and soul. Grateful….and tummy is recovering!

Research shows that ten minutes of hearty laughter equals thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, oxygenates the internal organs and improves mood and attitude. For me, laughter is freeing and unites those who laugh together. It heals, uplifts, creates a fun glue in friendship and clears out tension.

Wishing a gut rendering laugh to all for the health of it! #earthisheaven@67

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Reflections of a Neighbor Who Died……

My Neighbor who died. She was a true, old-fashioned trustworthy neighbor for 26 years. The service for her passing from this life recalled her history in beautiful detail that gave deeper meaning to the making of who she was. Not just as a neighbor, a mom, wife, a grandmother…..but as a pillar of the community who was able to touch others in simple ways that opened hearts, welcomed all, and gave of herself in ways that everyone wanted to recall her imprint on their lives.

When a flower lives, we see its beauty. When it dies, we remember it when its bloom was robust with life. It enlivens us in some indescribable way that words cannot capture. Such was the experience of savoring Pat Hescock’s touch on my life as hundreds gathered to honor the spirit of who she was….and who she still is in our hearts. Her family is to be congratulated on capturing her essence at an unforgettable commemoration.

In the aging process, simple life treasures become more precious. Interaction with others who touch our lives in a positive way are significant memories. Letting go of the person in this reality is an adjustment that takes time. The memory stays in the heart.

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