Festival of Lights Proves Ashland is an Awesome Aging Town

The Festival of Lights Parade has so many high points, creates so much happiness and spreads an ocean of joy to kick off the holiday season in style. Parade participants decked themselves all out this year in the flavor of greeting the Christmas season with open arms.

One of the very high points, of course, is the lighting of the town’s decorations all at once when Santa gives the cue. But thousands of people singing Jingle Bells immediately following the lighting runs a close race coming in second to the lighting.

Pre and post parade is almost as much fun as the parade itself. So many gathered together to give the town a holiday launching is noteworthy. Being the Christmas Fairy, for me, means scattering joy throughout the town and bringing magic to the children.

Many in the parade were at least partially costumed through Renaissance Rose. Ann Wilton, owner, and I had a delightful exchange after the parade. Tree House Books created magical Ashlandia portals. And so many other groups brought uplifting cheer in their own special ways.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Ashland Chamber of Commerce for grabbing the reins once again this year and making sure Ashland’s Festival of Lights Parade was a huge success!

The magic of town lights turning on....


Ann Wilton and I delighting in post parade exchange

It seems that Ashland keeps getting more and more awesome in its aging process. And for many good reasons! I love Ashland! Grateful to be here! 

Jane Almquist, Tree House Books, and daughter pre-parade

Gingerbread Guy, Bud Clardy, who volunteers for every parade

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Xmas Fairy Homeless Project….It’s That Time of Year

(Pictures taken with permission)
When I was a little girl I wanted to be Santa Claus. Being a girl and not a boy, I knew there wasn’t a chance for that to happen. As I grew older and became a mom, I realized there could be a new archetype created….The Christmas Fairy! I had no inclination to be Mrs. Santa so the Christmas Fairy became real for me.

Over the years there have been many opportunities to be the Christmas Fairy who brings joy, sparkles, magic wand wishes, food, singing and ways to meet the needs of those without homes.

For several years I have been the Christmas Fairy with great joy in Ashland. Not only am I that creature in the Festival of Lights Parade, but on Christmas Eve I deliver gifts to the homeless, one-by-one, handed personally from me to each person staying at the homeless shelter in Ashland. I solicit funds from friends to cover costs. The time and energy investment is huge, buying foods, etc. in bulk and filling small bags with those items to then place in larger bags. The temporary shelter on 2-3 nights weekly houses 36 persons sleeping on the floor.

This project calls to me and provides the essence of a true Christmas Fairy which means my dream comes true every time I act in the honor of such a being. I dress in full regalia and connect with each homeless individual as I bring the gifts which include hygiene products, food, health products such as Emergen-C and cough drops, and warm clothing items such as weatherproof sox, gloves, etc.

Those who are interested in helping (all monies are spent on homeless individuals for Xmas as my participation is totally volunteer status) can donate through my paypal account via my email: janailow@gmail.com

This project brings a healthy glow to my goal of continuing to find ways that enhance my aging process to be truly AWESOME! The Xmas Fairy Homeless Project is one that is very humbling to participate in. I am grateful to have the passion to carry it out.

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Laughing that My Son Showed up in UK Gossip Publication for Showbiz…..What next!

Darion and Delta

Had to laugh! My son and ‘bestie’ Delta Goodrem had fun in L.A. at a mall last weekend. She’s the famous award winning Australian singer with the angelic voice. She’s now located in L.A.

Truly, never thought my son would be in one of those gossip publications! Life is getting pretty entertaining, making Aging more Awesome! haha


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Had a Slice of Heaven at Hyatt Lake Cabins….and So Can You!

It all started at Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters one Friday morning. My business card was drawn and I became the recipient of winning a two night stay at Hyatt Lake Cabins.

Little did I know it was going to be a perfect getaway…..so close to Ashland, yet another world where worries and stress dissipated as if by someone’s wave of a magic wand dispelling them. Hot tubbing after breakfast, hiking near the lake and visiting with the otters, being in the grace of the majestic snow laden trees, sitting by the fireplace on the comfy furniture, going to bed under luxurious sheets…..and so much more.

The embrace of the cozy cabin so beautifully decorated was nothing short of a welcoming hug. I was so surprised at how well the kitchen was equipped. The amenities were many and the decor was lovely. But the most precious part of the getaway was the serene peace that permeated every cell of my being. There is something that happened quickly in that beautiful cabin…..I’ll call it a letting go of normal reality and stepping into something that is hard to leave. It was nothing short of a slice of heaven. I would wish this for everyone. Contentment is something I highly prize and that surely was the golden thread throughout the weekend.

I shall return to Hyatt Lake Cabins. It is now an established part of my Awesome Aging journey. Check it out. www.hyattlakecabins.com    AirHop is the reputable company managing the cabins that people rave about. Now I know why!

True Contentment at Hyatt Lake Cabins

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Witches Who Dance with Broomsticks Use Seatbelts in Ashland

Witch Dance Practice Pre-Parade

The picture is post witch-dance practice at the Historic Armory pre-Halloween parade. Much to the liking of the witches, a number of dances occurred on the Plaza after the notorious Ashland parade. Since broomsticks are pretty stiff to dance with, some of us wore seatbelts to keep from flying off the handle. hahaha

Bringing life to every parade and party in Ashland is Renaissance Rose and her owner, Ann Wilton, considered the Queen of Halloween! Tree House Books were culprits along with ART NOW in organizing and choreographing Ashland’s Witch Dance which could easily become a tradition in Southern Oregon. ART NOW is the non – profit that sponsors activities and projects that benefit children and families through Tree House Books in Ashland.

Witch dancing certainly makes the aging process much more awesome!!! #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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Autumn GLow Gives Way to Timeless Childhood Memories….Just Close Your Eyes

Ageless. Timeless. Freedom of the Spirit.
The leaves were falling…..
My inner child was calling….
I closed my eyes…..
I was in childhood times….

It’s all inside us —the whole timeline, yet we easily forget how to access those
times of wonder when, as a child, we were free to explore. Keeping aging awesome is being mindful of what keeps the spirit intact, the imagination alive, the ability to tap ageless, timeless experiences. Explore. Adventure. Enjoy! We are not limited in the field of mind we refer to as the imagination.

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1st Annual Rogue Valley veteRUN: Giving Thanks to OUR Neighbors Who Risked Their LIves

My Dad didn’t want to talk about the WWII experiences he had as a Major in the Army overseas until his death was drawing nigh. PTSD support was not available back then. But, let me tell you, when anyone thanked him for his service or shared comaraderie, something lit up inside him. His memories haunted him and stressed his body with no assistance to decompress or acknowledge the haunting horrors. I have often wished that his aging process would have been easier. My aging process is easier because of Dad and countless others. I am grateful.

Today we are so fortunate to have activities to support our vets. Many services are needed for the individuals who have been of service to protect US, You and Me. They all have stories, some being shared, some stowed away forever, too painful to relive.

Something very special is happening Oct. 14 in Central Point to support OUR vets. Lauren Trantham, who rode 10,000 miles to raise $50,000 in funds for sex trafficking survivors, is assisting to get this milestone established in a memorable way that will become tradition in southern Oregon.

Running and contributing are ways to lend visibility of community appreciation and support to OUR vets. Participation and donating are compassionate actions that make a practical difference in OUR vets’ lives.

Supporting the 1st Annual Rogue Valley veteRUN is an honoring of our neighbors who were willing to give their lives for our freedom. It is a beautiful contribution to make their lives visible and acknowledged, supported and cared about. Contributing sends a most welcomed heartfelt message. Help them in their healing process. Thank you. All the information you need is below.

These are the areas that proceeds will benefit:
The Medford Vietnam Wall
Team Overland
WhiteHeart Guardian Project
Project 22

WHERE: Jackson County Expo Gate 5, RV Park entrance, Central Point, Oregon
WHEN: October 14th, 2017 at 8:00 a.m.

Participation Details:
Race Registration prior to October 6th, 2017 = $25.00
Day-Of Registration = $35.00
Race Day Check-in: 07:15

Check Payments:
Rogue Chapter #1260 NCOA
P.O. Box 5597, Central Point, OR. 97502
Contact Email: Veteran89@msn.com
TAX ID: 93-0874428

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Ashland Chamber Continues to Age Awesomely! Annual Event Extravaganza!

Just ask any member of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce if it is an amazing organization and you will hear a resounding verse of it’s empowering presence in our community. Not only does the Chamber create a glue for the feeling of a true community that has pride in its services and events for all citizens, but it is downright fun to attend weekly meetings.

The Annual Dinner was flawlessly and gracefully executed in a style and flare that welcomed everyone to network. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and celebrated award winning community members who contribute tirelessly to the well being of our town.

One of the accomplishments I so enjoy about the Ashland Chamber is that the staff creates an atmosphere that feels like a giant neighborhood comprised of good neighbors. That feels healing at a time when there is so much chaos in the world. And time after time, Ashland’s Chamber sprinkles success in whatever it touches. I’d say the Ashland Chamber is one that is aging awesomely! Thank you, staff and members.

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“Put Some South in Yo Mouth” Creativity for Atmospheric Fire Smoke Marathon Doldrums

Okra Succotash

“Put some SOUTH in yo mouth!” I could hear Mom’s voice from the inner planes of my fire-smoke dulled mind. I was in need and craving something fun and different for my Saturday evening stuck inside.

Okra succotash and fried eggplant hit the stove with southern flare filling my air. Chicken dish and baked cinnamon/honey apples (thank you Terry Trantham for the best apples ever) were the sidekicks next to that south for my mouth! And just to make it a special upper, I sprinkled some sugar (I can hear you gasping) guilt free over one piece of my eggplant round. Mom used to let us do that as kids.

Boy, that salty and sweet WAS the main treat! It was so delightful I danced in the kitchen afterwards (probably energy from the fried and sugar combination – haha).

Much better psychologically for me to have fried and sugar in the marathon monotony of this smoke than my normal regime. Gotta make hay while the sun shines….or make your own sunshine when it is smoke dulled. Working hard in 6 weeks of fire smoke marathon to keep my Aging Awesome! #lovinlifeisgreat@68 #gettingmorecreativetokeepmyselfwell

Southern Fried Eggplant....Oh YEAH!

Terry's Best Apples Baked to Perfection/Cinnamon&Honey

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Sound Heals: Singing Bowls Spoke to Me at a Cellular Level Making Aging More Awesome

Enter a dimly lit glowing room filled with a magnificent gong that resonates as though it is an entire ocean of soothing sound massaging your inner world. In the surrounding room large singing bowls take their places near mats on the floor and raised cots where people lay down in receptivity for a healing experience. Sound inviting? Anyone can become a participant on first and third Fridays with Karen Parnell leading a session that defies linear verbage definition at Orenda Energy Arts in Medford.

Why does this come as a welcoming in the smoke marathon from forest fires, stress from work, taxing experiences for the mind, body, emotions and spirit in life’s challenges? In my experience, it helps to move stuck energies, releasing tension on all levels to bring upliftment, insight, well-being to every inch of who I am.

In the aging process which we all are engaging in, finding tools that are nothing short of medicine in the most natural approaches gives a launching to advance one’s ability to stay fit in thoughts, words, feelings, deeds and inspiration. I love the way I feel after an hour’s embrace of healing sounds that penetrate every cell with melodic attunement that cannot be compared to music in any realm.

Try it. You’ll love it! Karen Parnell has a gift of creating a symphony of healing sounds that will resonate inside you and become a part of a journey that excels in a deeper meaning of who you are.  Aging IS more awesome with experiences that enliven! For more information: https://orendaenergyarts.com/tibetan-singing-bowls/

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