Pie Baking with Grandchildren Has Its Rewards….Like…. Eating Pie Dough!!

Once upon a spring break Grandma Boom, better known as ‘Booey’ to her grandchildren, asked them what they would like to do. They were so excited to make pies. “Apple” bellowed the grandson. “NO. I want blueberry!” insisted the granddaughter.

Booey proceeded to follow through having forgotten how intense pie creating can be with three, especially two who needed lots of help AT THE SAME TIME and with two different kinds of pie mixtures. It all became worth while when the grandmother, granddaughter and grandson began munching on pie dough.

And they baked their pies living happily ever after Booey became cross-eyed and collapsed! hahahahaha #earthisheaven@67 #evenwhenyouaretiredbuthappy

Putting Awesome Aging Memories into a life of not being bored!

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Honored to Receive Appreciation Award…..from International Pacific Northwest Women’s Festival

While I find it humbling to receive this award, it is a welcome encouragement. My four decade work with children, Empowering Superkids, was one of twelve women’s work making a positive ripple in the world nominated for the Pebble Rebel Award at the International Women’s Festival Pacific Northwest.

I received a Certificate of Appreciation. The winner of the Award was Lynette Johnson who founded Soulillumination. She and other photographers have a program for offering families with terminally ill children or Parents a free family photo session. Lynette began this work in Seattle and it grew from just her to about 40 other photographers. Lynette has been recently diagnosed with cancer herself. I congratulate her and send wishes for her healing and recovery to continue her important work.

I remain very grateful to have been nominated and hope it brings more awareness to the need for children to have the right to know themselves and how to work with their own inner resources. My crusade continues which adds an amazing spice of life to my Awesome Aging process………

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NOISES OFF……Oregon Cabaret Cast Outdoes Itself….NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

It is one thing to say a play is awesome. But it is another whole realm of a category in experience to say a play is awe-inspiring and that I was aweSTRUCK watching it. Well, awestruck in-between layers of unstoppable laughter!

The cast has accomplished what must have been at least slightly mind-blowing when first learning their lines and movements. They did an impeccable job to create an absolutely incredible production at the Oregon Cabaret Saturday night.

Laughter galore was coupled with pure amazement at the energy expended in their performance. I could barely keep up with their phenomenal actions so flawlessly performed. Highly recommended!!! Highly appreciated!!! It is this kind of production to witness when one wants to be truly entertained at the core. Enlivening to watch; captivating to experience! A favorite on my list to make Aging more Awesome!

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Laughter……For the Heart and Soul, plus Calorie Loss

Loving the morning after an evening of boisterous laughter…..laughing so hard with endearing friends that my stomach hurt, my eyes were tearing and we were possibly a bit loud in the restaurant….hearty laughter fills up space! Then coming home and having sisterly laughter that continued on the fun tummy aching, tearing thread. What a great dose of medicine for the heart and soul. Grateful….and tummy is recovering!

Research shows that ten minutes of hearty laughter equals thirty minutes of aerobic exercise, oxygenates the internal organs and improves mood and attitude. For me, laughter is freeing and unites those who laugh together. It heals, uplifts, creates a fun glue in friendship and clears out tension.

Wishing a gut rendering laugh to all for the health of it! #earthisheaven@67

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Reflections of a Neighbor Who Died……

My Neighbor who died. She was a true, old-fashioned trustworthy neighbor for 26 years. The service for her passing from this life recalled her history in beautiful detail that gave deeper meaning to the making of who she was. Not just as a neighbor, a mom, wife, a grandmother…..but as a pillar of the community who was able to touch others in simple ways that opened hearts, welcomed all, and gave of herself in ways that everyone wanted to recall her imprint on their lives.

When a flower lives, we see its beauty. When it dies, we remember it when its bloom was robust with life. It enlivens us in some indescribable way that words cannot capture. Such was the experience of savoring Pat Hescock’s touch on my life as hundreds gathered to honor the spirit of who she was….and who she still is in our hearts. Her family is to be congratulated on capturing her essence at an unforgettable commemoration.

In the aging process, simple life treasures become more precious. Interaction with others who touch our lives in a positive way are significant memories. Letting go of the person in this reality is an adjustment that takes time. The memory stays in the heart.

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My Fault….How My Apology Brought Joy in Seconds….IN Traffic!

“I am SO sorry!” I quickly opened my car door, leaned out and put my hands into a kind of prayer position as I looked back to the VERY angry man in the car behind me who was raising both fists, waving them at me and honking his horn.

My car was just ahead of his waiting at a really long red light with two cars in front of me. I was headed out to work with a kindergarten class and my throat was dry. With the long red light I thought I had enough time to look in my purse to grab a lozenge to moisten my throat.

H O N K!!!!!! The cars ahead were through the intersection, the light turned yellow. No time for me to make it through. That is when I looked up, hearing the honk, and saw the raging, angry face of a man about my age.

It was my fault he had this stress in his life…..another long wait at a red light. My stomach clenched, my heart plummeted. That is when I undid my seat belt, quickly opening the door and made my sincere gesture calling out my apology. And then a seeming miracle happened. His knotted fists dropped, he rolled down his window, looked straight into my eyes, SMILED, and SAID with such a loving voice: “You are forgiven, Ma’am!” I quickly called back, “Thank you! I needed that today.”

A very icky feeling situation transformed in those seconds. Peak communication. Forgiveness. Compassion……what the world needs now is love, sweet love…..Love really does heal. And it amps up my Awesome Aging process! #earthisheaven@67

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Living While Alive….Mom’s Visit Included Lunch at Restored ‘Ladies of the Night’ House

Mom, Me, Friend Maya circa de 2003

It was Mom’s last visit around 2003 to Oregon before she died. Ruthie B’s was a past ‘ladies of the night’ in early 1900′s house in Springfield I’d told her about. They served tea/lunch in a creative way. Hats, boas and scarves were made available to do dressups while having tea/lunch. Alice in Wonderland servers blew bubbles over the table. Everything in the house was for sale….what we sat on, drank from, anything on the walls….EVERYTHING!

Even though Mom didn’t feel too well, she really wanted to go have ‘girl fun’ with dear friend, Maya, and me to experience being in that brand of house. We seized the moment of this unusual opportunity – Mom loved it!

Sometimes it isn’t right to push ourselves. Sometimes it is. That was an occasion that lives on forever with great fondness in my memory. Mom pushed herself that day because somehow she knew it would be her only opportunity to have that experience. I’m sure she sensed it was her last visit to Oregon from Florida.

I was so glad for her and for us. She was thrilled to have that Awesome Aging flare touch her life. Now, in my aging process, I know that some opportunities are offered once. Grabbing those treasures to keep myself enlivened to the max. And grateful my Mom did the same. #earthisheaven@67 #treasuredmemory #funismedicine #livewhilewearealive

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Tree House Books KNOWS How to Make Magic at Lithia for Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year Lantern Procession

Tree House Books in Ashland has something up their sleeves….

Feb. 11 was the Lunar New Year in the light of the full moon, lunar eclipse and a comet entertaining the heavens. Tree House Books orchestrated a photo shoot and Lantern Festival at Lithia Park, lower duck pond, to celebrate. In addition, this event launches some mighty fun projects that will encapsulate the magical essence of Ashland. Stop by Tree House Books at 15 N. Main St. in Ashland and maybe Cynthia and Jane will give you a hint about what is coming this year.

Must give a shout-out to all who participated and how fun everyone was in this gathering. Ann Wilton, owner of Renaissance Rose, gave a creative flare with the costumes she designed for her brother and herself. Everyone was so inspirational with their creative flare. Grateful to be a part of such a wonderful, magical experience. It certainly added some points to my Awesome Aging journey!  #earthisheaven@67

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Experience: Best Teacher to Digest Lesson…..with Animal Crackers and Stress Skills for Young Children!

Explaining tense/calm muscles with chewing and swallowing

As we age we KNOW that experience is the best teacher. So WHY NOT use experience to help children know themselves and their inner world resources! Forty years of teaching children how the mind/body/emotions work together as a system has shown me children want to know for themeslves.

Children love lessons that are FUN……like chewing a chocolate animal cracker to learn the difference between tense muscles and calm/relaxed muscles.

Tasting a yummy chocolate flavor in learning self-help stress management skills works magic! Teaching pre-K migrant children and Kindergarteners at another school how to be aware of the difference between tense muscles and calm muscles is a call to listen to what is going on inside them. I gave a chocolate animal cracker to each child in the different schools. We chewed together, FEELING the tension in the muscles while chewing, then felt relaxed/calm muscles after swallowing, noticing the change in breathing.

Basic steps of awareness are essential for grasping self-help and self-managing skills that make a difference in the quality of life based on choices each person makes in everyday living. Grandma Boom knows FUN is an essential ingredient for successful learning. And children digested the lesson quite well!

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Aging with Passion for Empowering Superkids on the Planet

Awesome Aging means many things to me. One of the choices that exist is to be bored or even sedentary in aging. I refuse either. Passion fuels me and having a mission fills me.

EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS to know themselves and tap their own inner world resources of mind/body/emotions. Teaching 23 kindergarten students today the difference between feeling tense with tight, rope knots they held in one hand and a soft, calm sock in the other hand to see and FEEL the difference. 3D learning breaks learning barriers and accelerates the learning process. Fun builds confidence on the spot.

The children learned they have a choice and power inside themselves when we did belly button breathing with a breathing sphere. Tension is a balled up feeling with knots tied up inside. Calm relaxation feels free (demo with wing span), relaxed and has more creative choices that can be made with behaviors and interactions.

EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS is my primary mission/vision/passion….to teach children to know themselves and tap their own inner world resources while having a lot of fun! It is my two cents worth to help build a healthier planet. I bet you have ideas about things that fuel your passion in your aging journey. Go for it!!!

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