Xmas Fairy Report on Homeless Shelter Packages Delivered

Xmas Fairy Delivery to Homeless Shelter last night….left me with a heart sensation of expansion that is very deep. The homeless rate grows exponentially now. More people crowded into the temporary shelter than in past years. Everyone was so sweet and appreciative of the gifts from the Xmas Fairy and Elves. My son assisted me at the shelter.

Here are some glimpses of the evening in pictures and written vignettes (all photos taken with permission and some requested photos be taken to help further this work). With each person I handed two separate one gallon bags (food in one, hygiene items, sox/fleece gloves/hats/scarves, Emergen-C/cough lozenges in the other) plus a $4 gift certificate to Bi-Mart and $8 meal certificate to Wendy’s…..for 40 people.

I ‘connected’ with every single person, eye-to-eye and heart-to-heart, wishing them a Merry Christmas and asking each person’s name which I used in addressing them. I touched each person on the arm and some wanted hugs. A few just wanted to hold my hand. Also I waved my singing wand above each person’s head, asking them to close their eyes and make a wish, to keep it in their hearts. Every person loved doing this. It was so heart touching. And the magic of the moment occurred with each one.

Some memorable moments of the evening: A woman having tears roll down her face receiving the gifts; some men and other women having teary eyes; some who needed to be greeted on the floor instead of standing up so I met them there; someone calling out that I was not a fairy but an angel; a man who was wobbly and his fingers could not grasp the certificates so I had to wind his fingers over them; several people who came back 2-3 times to express appreciation; a man who fell in the creek trying to find a friend in the dark and was soaking wet with no blanket to keep warm; a woman who said, “I wish I could make people feel good like you do.” My response to her: “We ALL have special ways to help others and do not all do the same things. A smile, helping someone with a door, and so many things help others. It’s up to you to just do them and it will help. It is the time on the planet where we need to be helping each other every chance we can.” She looked surprised like a light bulb went on and realized she is empowered to help others. There was a man who shared that he is praying for an old trailer no one wants so that he can have a place to live. A young man approached me asking if he could take the bags and certificates not only for himself but also for his pregnant wife who was laying on the floor and not feeling very well to walk over and get her own.

Everyone was so gracious. Some remembered me from other years. I owe a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated monetarily and with items to share, as well as those who assisted in collating everything (the ELVES…Lisa Manyon, Barbara Tricarico, Cheryl Markiewicz, and younger elves Ava, Holden, Claire and Grayson), because I cannot do this alone. Every cent and every ounce of effort was an integral part of making this a meaningful success for 40 people whose realities are challenging. My life is fuller and more meaningful from this experience. I am grateful to the homeless for accepting my presence and the presents.So many said, “God bless you.” I did and do feel blessed…..and so fortunate to be embraced by a part of the culture so different than the way I live….and so fortunate to feel the passion in my heart to answer the call to do this act of goodwill without discrimination, without judgment, with love. I am grateful. #lovinlifeisgreat@68 #trulyawesomeagingwithpassionasfuel


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Young Elves Selflessly Save the Day with Older Elves for Xmas Fairy Homeless Project

Cross-generational elfing is where it’s at! Four young elves saved the day, assisting older elves. Different ages joining together to spend an afternoon being selfless to help homeless have a caring feeling at Christmas. The homeless will be receiving packages prepared especially for them hand delivered by the Xmas Fairy which I am totally honored to BE!

It was amazing to see how conscientious the young elves were to make sure everything was distributed evenly in the packages they were in charge of. Friends were quite generous this year making it possible to provide sox, fleece gloves, hats, scarves, hygiene products, cold lozenges and Emergen-C, food and gift certificates for 40 at Wendy’s that were $8 apiece. Deep gratitude to the generous persons who donated money and items this year…..it is the best year yet for fantastic gift packages!

I showed the young elves pictures of how the homeless sleep on the floor and their belongings are in a backpack. They looked intently and then imagined what they would put in a backpack if they only had that one option for all their belongings. It was hard for them to imagine that reality but they looked at the pictures intently to try to grasp it. And then they rolled up their sleeves and put their ALL into doing a great job!

Packages, one with fleece warming items, hygiene and health items, the second package with food, will be warmly delivered to each individual at a temporary shelter soon. I find this experience as the Xmas Fairy to be the true meaning of the soul of Christmas goodwill. It fills my heart and humbles it at the same time. Oh, if everyone could feel cared about……so important to do what we can. It is good for our own heart and soul health in the process. Pictures below to show homeless bedding, items in packages, etc. (photos taken with permission)



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TEN REALTY Tithes Monthly to Local Charities…Grateful The Conscious Living Foundation is the November Recipient

At the Ashland Chamber of Commerce weekly Greeters meeting today, Sophia Siobhan Wolohan Bogel of TEN REALTY presented The Conscious Living Foundation, non profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 a check for $1,600. She and her husband, Adam, named TEN REALTY for the purpose of tithing 10% to a monthly charity in the community. It is their belief that strengthening the community is the wisest way to live in the community.

As Executive Director of The Conscious Living Foundation, I was honored to receive this check that supports my program, EMPOWERING SUPERKIDS, by teaching children as young as 3 how to manage stress and develop emotional intelligence. 50% of U.S. children and youth suffer from some form of mental health issue according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and NIMH (National Institute for Mental Health). There is an 8 to 10 year lag from the onset to treatment and 75% of those cases are not resolved. In addition, 21% of all child abuse cases in Oregon are in Jackson County!

Billions are spent in our country annually with little to show for that investment. A stitch in time saves nine. Moreover, unnecessary suffering that can be prevented is not at the forefront of mental health yet. Prevention IS the key!

85% of a child’s brain develops by the age of 5 years. I teach children beginning at age 3 how the mind, body and emotions work together as a system along with proper breathing. TEN REALTY sees the picture clearly regarding the state we are in with societal maladies and mental health issues. Their support means more children will be reached and supported in developing self-awareness, self-control, self-care and self-confidence. Children who are empowered with skills help to strengthen their families, schools, neighborhoods, towns and the overall culture. It is time to prioritize them and that is exactly what TEN REALTY has done with their contribution.

I like to imagine in my Awesome Aging process that businesses take note of TEN REALTY’s leadership in tithing and supporting charities that help to build a healtheir community. TEN is the model for what is needed at this critical juncture in our chaotic world.

Thank you, TEN, for your vision, mission and passion. You stated that my work is changing the world. I reflect that sentiment back to you because YOU are changing the world, too!

My Aging process just got much more Awesome with TEN’s encouragement and support!

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Ecstatic Experiences in Ixtapa, Mexico: Airborne Riding on Dolphins

Just returned from Ixtapa, Mexico, where I was privileged to play with dolphins. Holding my back in arched position in the water, legs straight behind me, toes down, arms straight out, two dolphins connected to my feet with their front snout areas. They propelled me straight up in standing position above the water and swam with me for two pool lengths being airborne: one pool length, drop into water, start over, repeat being airborne. I was ecstatic!

Next I was able to be pulled by a swimming dolphin for two pool lengths. It was joyous! I felt like we were dancing in the water. The sensation of connecting through interspecies play truly created a natural high that kept a joyous ecstasy flowing through my body for hours afterwards.

The dolphins have a way of feeling kindred. They sense who we are and are so very kind and loving.  A good dolphin dose feels like an injection for keeping aging in the Awesome range. It is nothing short of medicine on the fun shelf of self-medicating. And dolphins are play experts that can encite one’s inner child like a piece of candy. I highly recommend it. #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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Festival of Lights Proves Ashland is an Awesome Aging Town

The Festival of Lights Parade has so many high points, creates so much happiness and spreads an ocean of joy to kick off the holiday season in style. Parade participants decked themselves all out this year in the flavor of greeting the Christmas season with open arms.

One of the very high points, of course, is the lighting of the town’s decorations all at once when Santa gives the cue. But thousands of people singing Jingle Bells immediately following the lighting runs a close race coming in second to the lighting.

Pre and post parade is almost as much fun as the parade itself. So many gathered together to give the town a holiday launching is noteworthy. Being the Christmas Fairy, for me, means scattering joy throughout the town and bringing magic to the children.

Many in the parade were at least partially costumed through Renaissance Rose. Ann Wilton, owner, and I had a delightful exchange after the parade. Tree House Books created magical Ashlandia portals. And so many other groups brought uplifting cheer in their own special ways.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Ashland Chamber of Commerce for grabbing the reins once again this year and making sure Ashland’s Festival of Lights Parade was a huge success!

The magic of town lights turning on....


Ann Wilton and I delighting in post parade exchange

It seems that Ashland keeps getting more and more awesome in its aging process. And for many good reasons! I love Ashland! Grateful to be here! 

Jane Almquist, Tree House Books, and daughter pre-parade

Gingerbread Guy, Bud Clardy, who volunteers for every parade

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Xmas Fairy Homeless Project….It’s That Time of Year

(Pictures taken with permission)
When I was a little girl I wanted to be Santa Claus. Being a girl and not a boy, I knew there wasn’t a chance for that to happen. As I grew older and became a mom, I realized there could be a new archetype created….The Christmas Fairy! I had no inclination to be Mrs. Santa so the Christmas Fairy became real for me.

Over the years there have been many opportunities to be the Christmas Fairy who brings joy, sparkles, magic wand wishes, food, singing and ways to meet the needs of those without homes.

For several years I have been the Christmas Fairy with great joy in Ashland. Not only am I that creature in the Festival of Lights Parade, but on Christmas Eve I deliver gifts to the homeless, one-by-one, handed personally from me to each person staying at the homeless shelter in Ashland. I solicit funds from friends to cover costs. The time and energy investment is huge, buying foods, etc. in bulk and filling small bags with those items to then place in larger bags. The temporary shelter on 2-3 nights weekly houses 36 persons sleeping on the floor.

This project calls to me and provides the essence of a true Christmas Fairy which means my dream comes true every time I act in the honor of such a being. I dress in full regalia and connect with each homeless individual as I bring the gifts which include hygiene products, food, health products such as Emergen-C and cough drops, and warm clothing items such as weatherproof sox, gloves, etc.

Those who are interested in helping (all monies are spent on homeless individuals for Xmas as my participation is totally volunteer status) can donate through my paypal account via my email: janailow@gmail.com

This project brings a healthy glow to my goal of continuing to find ways that enhance my aging process to be truly AWESOME! The Xmas Fairy Homeless Project is one that is very humbling to participate in. I am grateful to have the passion to carry it out.

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Laughing that My Son Showed up in UK Gossip Publication for Showbiz…..What next!

Darion and Delta

Had to laugh! My son and ‘bestie’ Delta Goodrem had fun in L.A. at a mall last weekend. She’s the famous award winning Australian singer with the angelic voice. She’s now located in L.A.

Truly, never thought my son would be in one of those gossip publications! Life is getting pretty entertaining, making Aging more Awesome! haha


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Had a Slice of Heaven at Hyatt Lake Cabins….and So Can You!

It all started at Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters one Friday morning. My business card was drawn and I became the recipient of winning a two night stay at Hyatt Lake Cabins.

Little did I know it was going to be a perfect getaway…..so close to Ashland, yet another world where worries and stress dissipated as if by someone’s wave of a magic wand dispelling them. Hot tubbing after breakfast, hiking near the lake and visiting with the otters, being in the grace of the majestic snow laden trees, sitting by the fireplace on the comfy furniture, going to bed under luxurious sheets…..and so much more.

The embrace of the cozy cabin so beautifully decorated was nothing short of a welcoming hug. I was so surprised at how well the kitchen was equipped. The amenities were many and the decor was lovely. But the most precious part of the getaway was the serene peace that permeated every cell of my being. There is something that happened quickly in that beautiful cabin…..I’ll call it a letting go of normal reality and stepping into something that is hard to leave. It was nothing short of a slice of heaven. I would wish this for everyone. Contentment is something I highly prize and that surely was the golden thread throughout the weekend.

I shall return to Hyatt Lake Cabins. It is now an established part of my Awesome Aging journey. Check it out. www.hyattlakecabins.com    AirHop is the reputable company managing the cabins that people rave about. Now I know why!

True Contentment at Hyatt Lake Cabins

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Witches Who Dance with Broomsticks Use Seatbelts in Ashland

Witch Dance Practice Pre-Parade

The picture is post witch-dance practice at the Historic Armory pre-Halloween parade. Much to the liking of the witches, a number of dances occurred on the Plaza after the notorious Ashland parade. Since broomsticks are pretty stiff to dance with, some of us wore seatbelts to keep from flying off the handle. hahaha

Bringing life to every parade and party in Ashland is Renaissance Rose and her owner, Ann Wilton, considered the Queen of Halloween! Tree House Books were culprits along with ART NOW in organizing and choreographing Ashland’s Witch Dance which could easily become a tradition in Southern Oregon. ART NOW is the non – profit that sponsors activities and projects that benefit children and families through Tree House Books in Ashland.

Witch dancing certainly makes the aging process much more awesome!!! #lovinlifeisgreat@68

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Autumn GLow Gives Way to Timeless Childhood Memories….Just Close Your Eyes

Ageless. Timeless. Freedom of the Spirit.
The leaves were falling…..
My inner child was calling….
I closed my eyes…..
I was in childhood times….

It’s all inside us —the whole timeline, yet we easily forget how to access those
times of wonder when, as a child, we were free to explore. Keeping aging awesome is being mindful of what keeps the spirit intact, the imagination alive, the ability to tap ageless, timeless experiences. Explore. Adventure. Enjoy! We are not limited in the field of mind we refer to as the imagination.

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