We Might Be Getting Too Many Medical Tests

It’s hard to imagine that administering routine medical tests would have negative consequences, especially when the test in and of itself is completely harmless. Checking to make sure there aren’t problems lurking in our bodies makes perfect sense. At least until the consequences of doing so are carefully examined.

In her book Overtreated, Why Too Much Medicine is Making Us Sicker and Poorer, Shannon Brownlee points out that:  “Today, the number of tests has exploded, and doctors no longer just treat the sick but instead go looking for disease among the well.”

The increase in testing has caused another phenomenon. In his piece on The Health Care Blog Dr. H. Gilbert Welch argues that, not only testing but “treatment thresholds are too low.”

Simply put by Welch, “low thresholds have a way of leading to treatments that are worse than the disease.”

These revelations might well be disconcerting to those relying on multiple medical tests for reassurance that they are healthy. There is an alternative worth considering.

Mary Alice Rose found that examining her thought as a form of prayer, was important to healing an injury she sustained from a fall.  She says:

“I prayed to understand that my well-being could not ultimately be found by examining a physical body, but only in the examination of the body—the substance—of my thought.”

Regular prayer and meditation has been shown in numerous scientific studies to be an important factor in living longer and staying healthy.

As part of my own regimen of prayer, the test that I’ve found to be essential, like Mary Alice Rose, is an examination of my consciousness. I look to see what unhealthy attitudes are lurking there, and treat those–with dismissal. I’ve experienced consistently good health, and there are no negative side effects from finding and eliminating unhealthy thoughts.

Yes, there is danger in seeking too many medical tests. But I’ve yet to find that there can be too much prayer.

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