Beyond A Materialistic View Of Health

What if everyday we focused on improving our health by focusing on the spiritual aspects of our life rather than focusing on our body and preventing or managing disease.

It’s not a new idea. Jesus taught and proved that when we focus on the Divine in our life, we can expect and experience both mental and physical wellbeing. After studying his theology and works in depth, one Christian healer in the late 19th Century put it this way: “The body improves under the same regimen which spiritualizes the thought;”

Yet, in the last 100 years, the role spirituality plays in our health has been all but lost. Biomedicine and its attendant technologies have resulted in an approach to health, devoid of any consideration of the role our thinking and spirituality play.

Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awadi,  native of Kuwait and renowned for his work in public health and the environment, put it this way:

“We have stripped man, over the last decades, of his spiritual values, and materialism is now in full control of all aspects of our life to the extent that man feels lost and restless, desperately seeking tranquility and peace of mind. I am quite certain that regardless of what we do to provide health care for the body and the mind, man shall remain lost and restless until we provide for the spiritual aspect of life”.

Fortunately, the tide has begun to turn. Increasingly, research and the practical experiences of many people both show that spirituality does foster good health.

According to Neera Dhar et al:

“Empirical evidence is available to indicate a direct relation between religious involvement, spirituality and positive health outcomes….”

As one of those people with years of practical experience in keeping my body healthy by focusing on my relationship with God, I spend time each day spiritualizing my thinking. This can be as simple as affirming God’s goodness in my life and rededicating myself to forgiveness or serving my fellow man better. This regimen has resulted for many years in peace and consistently good health.

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