Can Twentysomething Depression Be Healed?

I have a friend who was suicidal.  He once told me, “Unless you’ve been there you have no idea what it’s like to be in that dark place. I genuinely believed that the world would be better off without me.”  He no longer has those thoughts and is a much healthier and happier person.

Suicide is a serious problem, especially amongst teens and young people.  My British colleague Tony Lobl explores this issue, and found in his research that “19 percent of young people in the United States either contemplate or attempt suicide every year.” That’s a lot!

Tony interviews a young woman, Patricia Brugioni, who had thoughts of suicide but overcame them.  But not in the way you might expect. She says, “I knew there were unresolved things in my heart, like huge whales swimming beneath the surface of my thought.”

“Eventually I went along with…[taking]  medication. But years later, reading back through my journal, I realised it had only been at this point that my depression turned suicidal.”

That was Brugioni’s experience – a long struggle with manic depression throughout her teens and twenties and, then, a healing.” read more…

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