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Who heals all thy diseases…

The August 27, 2015 Business Insider article portrays a married couple, Scott and Dana, who applied their skills as engineers to managing their diabetes. Determined to overcome the clunky mechanics of a type-one diabetic lifestyle, they literally hacked the computer “brain” of an obsolete insulin pump, and developed mathematical algorithms that learn, predict, and adjust […]

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Beyond Genetics for Health

Geneticists report that almost everything about us, including our health, is determined by the code built into the double helix of our 25,000 genes. We have little or nothing to say about it. But not all health researchers have bought into this predetermined view. There remains an important question: β€œIs it possible that we have […]

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Do We Really Need All The Health Information We Constantly Seek?

What if our obsession for information isn’t always good for us? Everywhere we go, information is at our fingertips through the ubiquitous Internet. We seem to have an insatiable desire to access data at any instant, in any location. Everywhere I go I see people staring at their laptops, tablets, and smartphones, searching for important […]

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You Don’t Need To Be Scared Into Sickness

β€œ…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself – nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror…” Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke these words during his first inaugural address at a time when this country was in the depths of the Great Depression. Powerful words, and perhaps outlandish to those living in severe economic hardship. Yet, they show […]

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