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Can We Define Quality Health Care?

Are we always approaching improvements in health care in the right way? Sometimes our efforts to make things better actually have the opposite result. Dr. H. Gilbert Welch, MD makes this point in his book Over-diagnosed – Making People Sick in the Pursuit of Health. Welch looks at how our pursuit of health, with the […]

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Unnecessary Medical Treatment – A Systems Problem

From much of what I’ve read, it seems that the patient-doctor relationship is mostly unbalanced. The doctor tells the patient what’s wrong, and what needs to happen to fix it. And this happens within a system that forces doctors to quickly address the offending symptoms and move on. Turning control and responsibility for our health […]

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We Might Be Getting Too Many Medical Tests

It’s hard to imagine that administering routine medical tests would have negative consequences, especially when the test in and of itself is completely harmless. Checking to make sure there aren’t problems lurking in our bodies makes perfect sense. At least until the consequences of doing so are carefully examined. In her book Overtreated, Why Too […]

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