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Key Ingredients To A Healthy Heart

Ah, the heart. Though considered the engine that runs the body, it’s metaphorically the very center of a person’s concept of themselves. It’s as if that’s where soul, intelligence, courage, emotion, and intention are found. It’s the “place” from which we love. The heart is more than just a vital organ; it also represents spiritual […]

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Unnecessary Medical Treatment – A Systems Problem

From much of what I’ve read, it seems that the patient-doctor relationship is mostly unbalanced. The doctor tells the patient what’s wrong, and what needs to happen to fix it. And this happens within a system that forces doctors to quickly address the offending symptoms and move on. Turning control and responsibility for our health […]

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What do relationships have to do with my health?

“It’s all about relationships.” That’s the “elevator” training I often gave to my staff when I was a manager. It’s a foundational principle they needed to understand because relationships bring results. If they didn’t understand and apply this principle they weren’t going to be successful. Building relationships isn’t horse trading or politics. It’s establishing a […]

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