The Comics Disaster of 2017

You can imagine how our phones and email accounts exploded this morning when readers turned to a completely new comics page on B8 without a horoscope, without most of their favorite strips, and without any warning whatsoever.

Believe me, I was just as surprised as anyone (as evidenced by the spray of French roast over “Mother Goose & Grimm”).

Many of you probably don’t know that our pages are designed in Austin, Texas, at the Center for News and Design. The same page designers for the Mail Tribune also work on Foster’s Daily Democrat in Dover, New Hampshire, where today’s comics page belongs (which leaves me wondering whether Foster’s readers are howling over the loss of their “Mary Worth” and “Rex Morgan, M.D.” strips today).

Readers feared that our new owner, Rosebud Media, lay behind this malicious deed. If this was the new direction of the Mail Tribune, they said, then count them out.

Fans of “Pickles,” “Peanuts” and “Baby Blues” be rest assured: We would never, in a million years, think of changing the comics page without consulting you first. In 2008, we asked readers whether we should stop running “Peanuts” after creator Charles Schulz had been dead for eight years. Weren’t they tired of reruns?

No! They responded loudly. And a pox on the head of the editor who drops this beloved comic!

Needless to stay, “Peanuts” still leads our comics page. The right one, anyway.

Today’s comics page was a mistake, plain and simple. Things happen. And when they do, other things hit the fan. And we respond.

We’re running the correct comics page in full in tomorrow’s paper.

As one reader so eloquently wrote me today, “In today’s chaotic world, humor is one of our few outlets for venting.”

Let us all keep venting. Keep laughing. Keep reading. And keep in touch.

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