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No good deed …

When I asked readers to send me photos of veterans in their families — those who’ve passed on and those who are still with us — for a Sunday Page 1 feature over Memorial Day weekend, I struck a raw nerve in one Medford woman who accused me of “perpetuating misinformation” and printing “a slap […]

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When a mannequin head makes a story

The news couldn’t have been weirder last week — at least I hope it can’t be much weirder — when we wrote separate stories on men accused of performing sexual acts using, well, let’s just say unusual props. One was accused of using a chicken “for the purpose of arousing and gratifying the sexual desire […]

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The Comics Disaster of 2017

You can imagine how our phones and email accounts exploded this morning when readers turned to a completely new comics page on B8 without a horoscope, without most of their favorite strips, and without any warning whatsoever. Believe me, I was just as surprised as anyone (as evidenced by the spray of French roast over […]

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Why we didn’t cover the Indivisible protest again

We’ve gotten a few emails from protesters upset we didn’t cover their march through downtown Medford Tuesday, the third they’ve held in what are weekly demonstrations against President Trump. The senders have accused us of failing to be the journalistic leader we’ve been in the past and failing to be a representative of the free […]

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No, we don’t take down stories

We got a request this week to take off the internet two stories we’d written about a family involved in a fierce custody battle that straddled two countries a decade ago. The couple had reconciled (which we’d written about, too) and wanted to move on with their lives, but when someone Googles their names or […]

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Why we identified a 12-year-old accused murderer

In today’s paper, we name Ezekiel “Zeke” Holmes, the 12-year-old boy accused of killing his mother and trying to kill his 16-year-old sister with a kitchen knife Tuesday morning at their Ashland home. Stories like these are difficult on everyone. We in the newsroom feel the same horror and grief as the community, ask the […]

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When a penis shows up in a photo

As readers pointed out with many laugh-crying emojis this morning, Jamie Lusch’s photo of a kid making dust angels on the floor of the old Roller Odyssey skating rink contained a not-so-anatomically-correct drawing of a penis in the dust nearby. At least people think it is a penis. Could be a car with only two […]

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Who wrote that @$%&! editorial??

The Mail Tribune Editorial Board has been accused of many things. Leaning too far left. Leaning too far right. Being in the pockets of _____________ (fill in the blank. Choices range from the Chamber of Commerce to Satan himself). Kowtowing to the paper’s various owners over the years. Being just too stupid to know when […]

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The quiet fight for the public’s right to know

As we cover the discovery of lead pipes in Medford’s water system, we’re also fighting behind the scenes for an important public record that could shed more light on this critical public safety issue: the Medford Water Commission’s performance evaluation of embattled Manager Larry Rains. The commission ordered the review after questions arose over whether […]

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