Do You Long to Write?

Writing has been one of the ways I’ve made meaning, and sometimes beauty, from the things that have happened in my life. For many years I belonged to a women’s writing group where every week we would read our work, talk about writing and share our lives. Before that, I was fortunate to have skilled and passionate writing teachers who helped me learn how to put words together in ways that were pleasing and powerful. Earlier still, my mother bred writing into me by reading to me, sometimes the same book I loved over and over again, taking me to plays and writing herself, every day, in journals I wouldn’t read until years after her death.

Writing has been healing, revelatory, satisfying, frustrating, lonely, and yet it connected me, to my readers and loved ones. But most of all, it has connected me to myself, helped me understand what I had been through and sometimes seemed to help me breathe through what I was still going through. Somehow through writing I have been able to bear more than I ever imagined. Through deaths, illness, separation, loss, renewal, hope and joy I have found a way to hold it all more gently by transmuting the pain into something I find beautiful, into a story, a poem or even a blog post.

Now, after allowing writing to fall away for a time as I returned to school for a masters in counseling, began a practice and shored up my love relationship with new vigor and insight, now, I am ready once again to embrace writing beyond these pages, and you, dear reader are invited to join me.

A new writer’s group is forming to accommodate writers of all levels and genres. It will meet once a month for three hours and offer the chance to receive feedback on your work in a supportive and committed atmosphere. There is a limit of ten participants and the first meeting will be held next Sunday, January 17th at 6pm in Medford. Contact me for more information or to sign up. There is no charge. 541-621-6739

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