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When the dog bites, or the bee stings, it’s important to remember your favorite things.

We want you to take it one step further. Instead of just remembering, Limelight Deals wants you to go out and do your favorite things and visit your favorite places.

We think every day is a reason to celebrate and enjoy our favorite things. And it doesn’t have to be something extravagant. Some of us get lost in a good book or listen to music. Others want to eat a scrumptious meal or play a board game with family.

If you’ve hit a mental roadblock trying to pick a favorite thing (or things), we understand. Sometimes it’s not easy deciding what you like to do best. But when you do, it will feel great to find your passions and follow them to new adventures.

For example, your trusted local market has the freshest summer produce and the bottle of wine you’ve searched high and low for. If food and drink are some of your favorite things, then seize the opportunity and buy what you love. You can enjoy your purchases for days and weeks to come. And it’s all because you decided to embrace your favorite things rather than letting indecision rule the day.

Or maybe your favorite thing is something more active. You imagine the sun warming your back as you gaze at the beautiful greenery of your favorite golf course. And, your best friend is standing beside you, ready to share your golfing adventure. The perfect day? You bet!

But don’t stop there – keep brainstorming! Go on a shopping excursion, take a day trip to the lake, or spend the weekend in the city seeing a show. When you open your mind to new experiences, you’ll see your list of favorite things continue to grow.

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How to Stay Cool in 100 Degree Weather

The heat has been relentless this week. We’ve all cranked up our A/C just to make the days and nights bearable. But constantly running the air conditioning gets expensive. That expense eats into your money for summer trips, the county fair, date night, a fabulous pedicure, and more. And we think that is unacceptable. There must be other ways to beat the heat!

Fortunately, Limelight Deals has the inside scoop on easy, cheaper ways to stay cool this summer.




Drink water! Simple, easy, and affordable. Whether you use the water fountain at the park, carry a water bottle, or fill up a glass from your kitchen sink, water keeps you cool and hydrated. But after a while, water gets boring. The same old ice water day after day, hour after hour, leaves your taste buds feeling abandoned. How about a cool snack with a little zing?




Snack on a frozen treat like ice cream, yogurt, gelato or shaved ice. A snack like ice cream cools you down and tastes delicious. You can wave your waffle cone in defiance of triple-digit temperatures. And, unlike water, ice cream comes in a variety of flavors so it’s never boring. Choose a different flavor for every day of summer.





Limelight Deals knows Southern Oregon cares about the environment and saving energy. We also know you like saving money. With that in mind, you will love this tip. When you’re home, turn off all the lights you aren’t using or don’t need. Or if you walk past a room with the lights on, switch them off. Not only does this save energy (and money), it helps you stay cool. Unnecessary lights equal unnecessary heat. When the temperature is topping 107 degrees, you don’t want extra heat. So turn off your lights and bask in a dimmer, cooler room.

After a scorcher of a week, we hope these tips help you stay cool the rest of summer. You don’t want the heat to keep you from camping, hiking, sight-seeing, or grabbing a slice of pie on your lunch break. And if you have any tips on how to stay cool, let us know. We’d love to add to our list!

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Three Paths on the Road to Relaxation

You don’t usually think of relaxation as an art. But for many people it takes lots of practice before perfecting your own preferred method of relaxation. It should be something we practice and enjoy regularly. But for some, it’s become a forgotten art.

How do you revive the art of relaxation in your life? You go back to basics. We suggest starting with…


  1. The Massage


Relaxation doesn’t get any simpler, or better, than a massage. And it can be any type of massage – back, shoulder and neck, or your entire body. Limelight Deals likes to think of massage as the ultimate form of relaxation. Massages relax your body and clear your mind. All those pesky, stressful thoughts disappear and all that’s left is a calmer, happier you. Even though we here at Limelight Deals love massages, we understand it might not be for everybody. Don’t worry. We have more relaxation suggestions.


  1. The Dinner


No, not a dinner you cook at home! Just thinking about cleaning pots and pans and scrubbing all those dishes is exhausting. The dinner we’re talking about is simple, local food served to you at your favorite restaurant. You know the place. It has food you love and a warm and welcoming ambiance. We all have a restaurant “home away from home” which offers our favorite dishes, whether it’s Mexican, Italian, BBQ, fine dining, or great sandwiches.


  1. The Wine


Now that you’ve dined, you must have some wine. Southern Oregon has several wineries which make this method of relaxation easy. You can enjoy a glass of a winery’s best vintage while at the vineyard or in the comfort of your home. You can share a glass of crisp white wine with friends on the porch on a hot summer night, or during the winter sip a glass of your favorite full-bodied red while staying warm under a fuzzy blanket.


Hopefully you feel more relaxed just by reading these suggestions. But there’s one more method which is sure to be successful.

Close your eyes…take a deep breath…and relax.

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Celebrate the 4th of July with Southern Oregon

Happy 4th of July, Limelight Dealers!

The Fourth of July celebrates a historic time. It commemorates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and the beginning of our country’s journey. During this time we honor our heritage. We celebrate our triumphs, remember the struggles, and look forward to the future.

We also spend quality time with friends and family. How many of you are inviting friends over for a BBQ this weekend? It’s a good time to gather around the table, relax, and talk. There aren’t many times you can forget about everything else and focus on catching up with your loved ones.

The Fourth of July is a time for celebration. In Southern Oregon, there are plenty of opportunities to celebrate this weekend. There are parades, fireworks displays, and much more. Or if you want to stretch your legs and support the local cross country teams, there’s the Fourth of July Run in Ashland. But if running isn’t your specialty, don’t worry.

If your idea of fun is something more exciting, like fireworks, we have you covered. Not only is there a spectacular fireworks show in our own backyard, it’s the largest fireworks show in Oregon. Red, White, & Boom 2014 is free to everyone and the biggest Fourth of July event in Southern Oregon.  The fireworks display will amaze you. Once again, Southern Oregon rises to the top!

But what if you want to do something more subdued this weekend? After all, you cherish every three-day weekend, especially after working hard all week. And this time, you want something different from your regular Fourth of July festivities. You still have lots of options. You can go on a romantic getaway at your favorite inn. Or maybe sharing a special meal with the family at your favorite local restaurant is what you want. This weekend is all about celebrating freedom and independence, so the choice is yours.

However you decide to celebrate the Fourth of July, have a safe and fun weekend. We’ll return on Monday with more Southern Oregon deals. See you then!



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Local Delights at the Growers Market


When summer begins, it brings a cornucopia of new things to try. One place everyone must visit, especially if buying local is important to you, is the local Growers Market. Southern Oregon is fortunate because there are multiple markets on multiple days. If you have a couple hours to spare, you can peruse the market for local Southern Oregon goods.

The Growers Market is an extraordinary experience. It brings together the community and shows what our local businesses and farmers offer. But it might seem overwhelming to someone who’s never been to the Growers Market before. If you’re that person, never fear! Limelight Deals has some insider information to make your first Growers Market experience a pleasant one.

Be Early

Growers come to the market with a certain amount of product. When it’s gone, it’s gone. Get there early so you don’t miss any of the great products they’re offering. Arriving earlier in the day allows you to see everything that’s available and buy everything on your list.

Be Prepared

Even in the middle of summer, Southern Oregon weather is unpredictable. A warm afternoon can start cold. And, if you arrive early, you’re likely to encounter a chillier morning. Dress in layers so you’re comfortable throughout the day. Also, know in advance what food is in season so you can shop accordingly.

Be Adventurous

Have you ever tried kale? What about snow peas or beets? There are so many delicious foods and the Growers Market is the perfect place to find and try them all. If you’ve always been wary about a certain fruit or vegetable, don’t be! You can change up your regular recipes, or create new ones, just by expanding your food knowledge and tastes.

Be Curious

Talk to the growers. They love sharing their stories. If you don’t know how to cook something, just ask. Or maybe you want to know how to get the best value for your money or how to introduce new vegetables into your family dinners. No matter what your question is, the growers want to share their experience and help you make the healthiest, and tastiest, food choices possible.

And Now, You’re Ready!

Hopefully you feel more confident about exploring the Growers Market. The market is brimming with friendly merchants, your friends, and neighbors. It’s a place where the community comes together to support one another – and enjoy fresh, local food. So this weekend, go to your local Growers Market and experience Southern Oregon’s best local offerings.



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Seven “Summer in Southern Oregon” Suggestions

Let’s celebrate the first day of summer! But wait, you say, today is only the 20th. At Limelight Deals, we think it’s fine to celebrate the return of our favorite season a day early.

We all remember the old days – sleeping in and waking up just in time to watch The Price is Right each morning, but now it’s time to ignite your summer with activity. You can still have lazy days, but don’t ignore all the opportunities you have to get up and go this summer.

So slip on your sandals and slather on the sunscreen, because today we have:

Seven “Summer in Southern Oregon” Suggestions:

  1. Take a Hike

Whether you’re an amateur or seasoned pro, hiking is for everyone. You can experience Southern Oregon’s beautiful landscape while getting fresh air and exercise.  Tour the Table Rocks or explore Pilot Rock. It’s fun to hike with your family or a group of friends, and Southern Oregon’s scenery makes every trip unforgettable.

  1. Art and Culture

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival has a diverse offering of shows each year, and 2014 is no different. Attend a show (or two, or three) and become invested in the lives of the characters. For instance, A Wrinkle in Time can catapult you across space and time, or you can learn about the dreams of your favorite fairytale characters by venturing Into the Woods. There’s no limit to the places you can see and the characters you’ll meet when you go to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


  1. Play Ball!

Ah, it’s the old ball game. Root for the home team while eating ballpark hot dogs and peanuts.  And you’re having so much fun you may not care if you ever get back to your chore list. You’re wrapped up in the game and camaraderie, and loving every minute. Cheer on your local team (Go Rogues!) or start a game in your backyard with friends.

  1. Water Adventures

If you like the water, you’ll love jet boats, kayaking, swimming, and rafting. This summer, try all sorts of exhilarating water sports. There’s nothing like feeling the wind and water all around you. And, water activities are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while staying cool.

  1. Zip line

Yep, you read that right. We have the perfect activity for adrenaline junkies of all ages. You’ll zip and dip your way through beautiful Southern Oregon and see the sights like you never have before – with a bird’s eye view! A zip line tour is fun for everyone and an activity no one will forget.

  1. Annual Fishing Derby

The Fishing Derby has been a staple of Southern Oregon summers since 1998. Every year there’s something for everyone, whether your kids are fishing for the first time or you’ve fished all your life. There are even cash prizes! No summer is complete without the Fishing Derby and the joy it brings to our community. Once a year, the beautiful lake at Diamond Lake Resort is bustling with activity. So grab your fishing pole and support the Fishing Derby. We’ll see you there!

  1. Pack a Picnic

At Limelight Deals, we love food. And we love summer. So it’s no surprise we love picnics. Picnics are the heart and soul of summer. Locate your favorite picnic spot, roll out your blanket, and lay out your meal. Sandwiches, potato salad, iced tea, and maybe some pie for dessert – these are all picnic classics. But you can dress up your picnic however you want! Bring along your family or have a romantic picnic at sunset. The type of picnic you have can be tailored to any situation or time of day. We think it’s time to pull your picnic basket out of the closet and enjoy a meal outside.

Are you excited for summer yet? It starts tomorrow, and that means a season full of adventures and new memories also starts on June 21st.



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More Me Time? Challenge Accepted!


Me Time? If that sounds unfamiliar, Limelight Deals wants to help. We all have busy times and sometimes forget to relax. We don’t want you to fall into that routine.

This week, Limelight Deals is issuing a challenge. We challenge you to put yourself at the top of your list. When is the last time you were Priority Number One?

Here are some ideas to get your Me Time off to a great start!

Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day

Have you had a professional pampering recently? Maybe it was a massage, or maybe a facial. Either way, everyone should look and feel their absolute best.

Sit back and feel the stress melt away. Forget about dinner plans, grocery shopping, and laundry day. Let your thoughts drift away to a peaceful place as your worries disappear. Doesn’t that sound delightful?

You can make it happen. Find your relaxation oasis and make an appointment today.

Indulge in Soul-Satisfying Meals

You don’t want to cook tonight. It’s understandable. You’ve worked hard all day and want to go home, put your feet up, and not have to make dinner. Don’t worry – you don’t have to plan and cook dinner. Not tonight. Tonight, you’re the center of attention while your favorite restaurant caters to you.

What’s your pleasure? Maybe you’re craving soft pillows of ravioli, stuffed with your favorite blend of meats, cheeses, and vegetables. But maybe you’re not a fan of Italian food, which is fine. Instead of a hearty pasta dish, you can sit at the bar and chat with friends over appetizers and drinks. The warm atmosphere is perfect for a light meal and good conversation with friends and family.

What’s Next?

Don’t wait – act now! Take our challenge and indulge in well-deserved Me Time. There are plenty of businesses in Southern Oregon designed to bring luxury back into your life. So find a restaurant, spa, golf course, or winery (and their great deals) and prepare for the ultimate pampering experience, courtesy of your friends at Limelight Deals.







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Gifts for Your Grad: Tips for Success


‘Tis the season for graduations: high school, college, and even your little one moving from elementary to middle school. Limelight Deals wants to congratulate all our 2014 graduates – you did it!

If you’re a grad, or know one, then you know how important it is to prepare; but prepare for what? It’s time to prepare for whatever the next phase is, whether it’s more school, starting a new job, beginning an internship, or myriad of other things. During all this preparation, it’s important to remember our grads need downtime, too.  If you’re a grad, you have some time to relax. If there’s a grad in your family, then you want to celebrate their success.

You want to give something fun. You want to give something useful. How do you decide? Can you do both? Fortunately, Limelight Deals has some helpful hints for you.

There are lots of options. The fun part is getting creative!

Something Practical

Everyone needs practical gifts: books on a specific profession, items for a home or apartment, a resume-writing service, and much more. You can tailor a practical gift to the needs of your grad. What’s the status of their car? Does it need some TLC? A gift card to the local car wash or windshield repair company helps with routine maintenance and keeps your vehicle running efficiently.

Something Fun

This should be the easy one, right? Treat your grad to a celebratory meal or purchase a coupon to their favorite restaurant. Other options include a spa day, theater tickets, a gym membership, and more. Find out what your grad loves to do and make their dream a reality.

 A Memento

Mementos are what we need during the rough times. A photo, a card, a piece of family jewelry – a special keepsake gives us strength during our weak moments and carry on in the face of adversity. Whatever new path your grad takes, they’ll always treasure a memento of home and family. But do you want to know the ultimate gift-giving secret?

If your gift comes from the heart, your grad will love it.

We here at Limelight Deals have given you a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. But we want to hear your ideas, too! Visit our Facebook page and share your favorite gift ideas.




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Be Joyful in June

How was your Memorial Day weekend? Did you invite friends over and fire up the grill? Maybe you cheered on our soccer players at the Rogue Memorial Challenge. Whatever your plans, we hope you feel re-energized and ready for whatever new adventures lie ahead.

It’s hard to believe, but today is the second-to-last day of May; June is almost upon us. In June, enthusiasm runs like electrical currents through everything we do and desire to do. A new season is here and it brings the promise of exciting activities to try. Summer will be in full swing soon, which means sunny days, starry nights, picnics, and get-togethers with friends and family.

At Limelight Deals, we’ll help keep your summer exhilarating with discounts to local businesses and new ideas on places to visit and things to do. We venture out into beautiful Southern Oregon every day to bring you the best deals around, and now, we want you to strike out on your own journey. Use our deals as a guide to enjoy all of Southern Oregon.

This week we rounded up quite a variety of deals for you: from microdermabrasion, to local wine and wine tastings, authentic Mexican food, and classic burgers and malts. Every day is an opportunity for new experiences and Limelight Deals wants you to seize the day, every day.

During May, we were just getting started. The fun we have planned for June is – well, we don’t want to spoil the surprise. We have plenty of Southern Oregon deals on the horizon. So, as June approaches, get out there and have a great time! Support your local businesses, new ones and old favorites, during a joyous June.

“And what is so rare as a day in June? It is then or never when our most perfect days come.” – James Lowell












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Our Community Cares


We hope our summer recreation deals sparked your imagination and you’ve added several new activities to your summer plans. Although after a whirlwind week of delightful deals, here at Limelight Deals, we are ready for the upcoming three-day weekend. Are you?

Memorial Day is a time to remember those who dedicated their lives to our country. For many people, it also marks the unofficial beginning of summer. It’s a time when grills are pulled out of storage, cleaned, and awoken after a long winter’s nap. The aroma of grilled hot dogs and hamburgers drifts in from every backyard in every direction; you can practically taste those blackened grill marks on your own hamburger. You can’t imagine anything better than relaxing under the lazy afternoon sun with a cool drink in one hand and an empty plate on your lap. However, we must momentarily steal you away from those thoughts.

At Limelight Deals, we love helping the community by offering great discounts and encouraging community involvement. The Pear Blossom Festival was one of the recent community events which showcased our wonderful city and its people. One of the highlights was the smile of 9-month-old Madison Coache-Powell – “chubbiest baby” at the 2014 Pear Blossom Baby Contest. However, shortly after, Madison was diagnosed with a rare cancer which causes tumors in the liver.  This news struck at the heart of her parents and our community.

But in true Southern Oregon form, the community has rallied around Madison and her parents. Local businesses are hosting fundraising events and a fund was started to give donations to the family. The outpour of support from the community is a striking display of the compassion of the people in our area.

During Memorial Day weekend, many will spend time with their families and loved ones. While you do, take a moment to think of Madison and her family. Send your positive thoughts and, if you can, try to attend one of the fundraising events. Enjoy your weekend, the time spent with family and friends, and be grateful for each and every day. Our routines, including here at Limelight Deals, will return to normal on Tuesday. However, we must continue to support each other, and the Southern Oregon community, in mind, spirit, and action.



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