Choose Magnificence

Hello, 2015!

Did you ring in the New Year with your sweetheart beside you and kiss at midnight? Share a toast with friends and family at home? Or you ventured out to different restaurants and welcomed 2015 in the company of other patrons. However you celebrated, that’s only the beginning.

In addition to celebrating, many of us made resolutions as 2014 became 2015. This year, Limelight Deals has a challenge for you. Rather than be resolved to something, make a declaration. Declare it loudly and proudly and then make the conscious decision to make it your reality. Rather than resolve to do something later, bring your declaration into the present. Create a vision, believe it, and make it happen. We think this will help you reach your goals and live magnificently in 2015.

Don’t know what to envision or declare? We have some ideas.

If you want to lose weight, don’t resolve to start later. Choose to start exercising and eating right today. Or maybe you want to start with something simpler. If you’re unhappy with your current hairstyle, choose to find a great stylist who can help you achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. Your declaration could also be overcoming a fear. Afraid of the dentist? Do the research and choose a professional, local dentist. You’ll not only have healthy teeth, you will conquer a fear.

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to live this year?

2015 is a new year with new beginnings. We can choose to do the same old things and repeat past patterns. Or you can decide to shake things up and live marvelously every day. Wake up each morning feeling inspired and motivated. A new year is upon is. Rather than get stuck in a rut, choose brilliance and passion every day.



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The Holidays Have Arrived

Christmas is less than one week away! When did that happen? And how did it sneak up on us so quickly? Regardless how it happened, the holidays are almost here.

Fortunately, most of the work is done. You set up and decorated the tree, decked the halls, planned the holiday meal and have gifts nestled under the tree. The kids are counting down the days until Santa visits the house, bearing gifts and his jolly smile.

Limelight Deals congratulates your preparation. You’ve conquered the holiday chaos and are ready to relax. However, we know others out there are less prepared. Maybe you have some last-minute shopping to finish. If that’s the case, we can help. Captain Limelight is steadfast in his promise to bring you the best Southern Oregon deals. He works extra hard during the holidays to find the best deals for you, your friends and family.

There’s no need to worry if a last-minute gift list is hanging over your head. Don’t know what to get your Uncle Joe? He can be kind of picky, but no one is a bigger fan of Mexican food than him. How about a gift he can use at his favorite Mexican restaurant? He’ll enjoy every bite! Or maybe you can’t decide on a present for your co-worker and her kids. You know they’re an active family, so you can give the gift of exhilarating fun and togetherness in the valley’s premier indoor trampoline park. If you know someone struggling with chronic pain, you can give the healing gift of acupuncture.

Whatever your gift needs, Captain Limelight has your back. He loves to give, share and bring joy to homes all across Southern Oregon.

 Merry Christmas from Limelight Deals to you and your family!


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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like…

The holidays are more than “on their way.” They’re almost here! Stores and streets are decorated, the aroma of cinnamon-scented pine cones welcomes you into grocery stores, and radio stations have played Christmas songs for weeks. There’s no denying it: the holidays are in full swing.

You see trees strapped to cars during your commute from work and people in the stores searching for gifts for friends and family. It seems like when you finish one holiday task you need to complete three more. Limelight Deals sympathizes with your busy schedule. We finished our 12 Days of Deals holiday shopping extravaganza yesterday. But our work doesn’t stop there. We’re constantly searching for the best Southern Oregon deals and bringing those to you every day.

But we all need a break from the chaos. You can only run so many errands, shop and wrap gifts, work, bake and finish all the other chores before you feel exhausted. If you’ve reached that point, it’s time to step away from the holiday errands. You need to relax now so you feel 100 percent when the holidays finally arrive. You want to be at the top of your game for your friends, family, and especially yourself.

So how do you go about relaxing during the busiest time of the year? We suggest creating a list of tasks you need to finish so you can check them off one by one. But don’t worry if you don’t finish everything on a particular day; you can always go back to it later. Second, ask for help. The kids are home from school soon, right? Well, appoint them your special holiday helpers. They can wrap gifts (not their own, of course!), decorate indoors, and help with a few extra chores around the house. When you share the burden, it’s lighter and more manageable.

You can also set aside the holiday to-do lists and chores for a day. We think you deserve a day’s rest and peace. You need a time of total tranquility. Let the world go by for a day while you indulge in relaxation. Trust us; you’ll feel like a new person once you do.

We all work hard and need a break from our schedules and errands. When that time comes, embrace it. You’ll feel ready for the holidays, and joyous inside and out while you celebrate.


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A Time for Tradition

The holidays are a time of tradition. We eat turkey during Thanksgiving, adorn the windows with Christmas lights, and carefully hang strands of Tinsel on the tree. Festive colors fill the house and you can spot speckles of red and green in neighboring homes. Beautiful lights twinkle at night and brighten homes on every street. Soon you’ll see a Santa Claus set up in the front yard along with lifelike reindeer grazing beside him.

Tradition also comes in the form of food – food which engulfs the house in the warm aromas of winter. There’s the smell of cinnamon wafting in from the kitchen, popcorn strands on the tree, wine reducing on the stove to make a scrumptious sauce, or a honey-glazed ham in the oven. These smells permeate every space in our homes and hold a special place in our hearts. They bring back memories of cooking with our parents and anxiously waiting for dinner.

We hold traditions near to our hearts. We repeat these customs each year and relive the memories through photo albums and stories after the season ends.

Limelight Deals thinks traditions are great. They bring us together to celebrate joyous times and create new memories. We know the holidays are busy with shopping, decorating the house, cleaning the car, and visiting out-of-town relatives.  But we think it’s important not to let these special times fly by just because you’re busy. Before you know it, the holidays are over and we don’t want anyone wondering where the time went or what they could have done to make the holidays special.

Find the time to get together for an exciting family outing. Gather around the dinner table to share a meal and lively conversation. Cherish the memories of these days for a lifetime. Others may let the days pass in a blur and miss the little moments. We recommend you stop, take a moment and enjoy every second of the season with the people you love most. That’s the most important tradition of all.


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‘Twas the 12 Days of Deals…

It’s the day after Thanksgiving.

You feasted, watched football, and fell asleep on the couch. You were up before dawn today shopping and scouring all the Black Friday specials. You braved the cold weather and crowds to find the best deals in all of Southern Oregon. You’re a super shopper and we’re in awe of your dedication and skill.

But here at Limelight Deals, we think there’s an easier way.

Wouldn’t you rather shop from the comfort of your own home? We’re proposing you can finish all your holiday shopping at home, in your pajamas, with a cup of coffee in one hand while sitting on the couch. If it sounds too good to be true, trust us, it’s not. Limelight Deals has brought you the ultimate Southern Oregon shopping experience: the 12 Days of Holiday Deals!

Twelve fabulous deals are ready and waiting for you to purchase them. In the spirit of the holiday, all of these deals are available through December 10th so everyone has an opportunity to purchase everything they could want or need.

We have prepared for you a glorious 12-day shopping extravaganza, and it all takes place in your cozy home. Want some tender, juicy, smoked ribs? Or maybe a mani and pedi is more your style. You can even get money toward a new bike or go to the sauna. If you want it, we’ve got it. And it’s all at your fingertips.

Trade in your winter coat and boots for slippers and a robe, because you’re shopping at home this year! Limelight Deals has gathered together twelve spectacular deals for you; they’re also great gifts for friends and family. So grab a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa and let the shopping begin!


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Wild Times in Southern Oregon

Take a walk on the wild side.

This week, Limelight Deals wants you to free your inner wild animal: the tiger, lioness, bear (oh, my!) or whatever else lurks within.

The weeks preceding the holidays are stressful. You plan meals, schedule trips, work, and complete your regular chores too. It’s a busy time for everyone. Keeping the stress bottled up inside doesn’t do you any good. You need to let it out – let’s hear you roar! Today, leave the shopping list at home. Go out and have fun. It can be a day all about you or include the entire family. Or, why not both? After all, you are walking on the wild side now.

Don’t know where to start? First, you need to go where the wild things are; deep in the jungle, forest, and desert terrain. But you’re thinking, This is Oregon. What wild animals?  Fortunately, everyone in southern Oregon is just miles from the only drive-through wild animal park in Oregon. Amazing! It’s the perfect place to let down your hair and go wild. See species of animals from all around the world, and even get up close and personal with the elephants and giraffes.

But maybe that’s a little too wild for you. You want to be like the lioness lying regally in the desert sun: relaxed and serene. If that’s your type of wild, then seek out a place with warmth, sun, and a sense of calm. It’s easy to bask in the sun all year long, and maintain a gorgeous glow, with multiple tanning sessions. It’s just that easy to feel like the king or queen of the southern Oregon jungle.

Now your inner animal is bubbling just below the surface like an expectant volcano. Free your wild side with a throwback to an old favorite. Bowling! Grab a few friends and gather for open play at the local bowling alley. Nothing beats the rush of pins crashing and bowling balls speeding down the lanes. Friends cheer when you score a strike and console you when you hit one pin. It’s a wild time for everyone, with memories that last a lifetime.

Today, take a break and feed your inner wild animal. Eat an indulgent dinner, go on a weekend getaway, or take the family on a trip. You work hard and deserve to spend a little time walking on the wild side.



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Brrrr! It’s Cold Outside!

This week we experienced our first hint of winter. We had a very chilly morning with a bit of frost covering ours cars. Cold mornings and frosty windshields are just another reminder that winter and the holiday season have arrived in Southern Oregon. It’s time to think about winter preparations: snow tires, indoor activities, shopping for gifts and more.

Limelight Deals believes prepping your car for winter weather is one of the most important things you can do. This means buying snow tires, de-icer spray, an ice scraper, and a first aid kit to keep in your trunk. You need food, water, blankets, and a flashlight handy if you’re caught in bad weather.

Now that you have the outside of your car prepped and ready, you need to take care of the inside. If you can’t recall the date of your last oil change, it’s time to make an appointment. Are your tires fully inflated? Engine running normally? It’s probably time to drop in for a radiator flush and some new coolant. All these check-ups will give your car top-notch performance and bring you some welcome peace of mind during the winter months.

Once your vehicle is in fine working order, you can move on to other things. Late fall and early winter brings new challenges. One of those challenges is the holiday break. The kids are home from school for a while and you want to keep them occupied. But keeping them in the house the entire time may cause some cabin fever. To avoid the winter blues you need a safe activity which is also fun and exhilarating.

How can you keep the kids safely indoors without them climbing the walls? Unless…maybe climbing walls is exactly what they should do. It suddenly becomes so obvious: rock climbing! There’s an indoor climbing gym just a few minutes away which has everything you need to keep your kids active and inside when it gets cold.

The sound of ice scrapers against windshields in the morning is a reminder that winter is coming. Our days begin with frosty mornings and end with chilly nights. It’s a good idea to get your car, home, and schedule prepared for winter before it arrives. Once all the prep is done, you can enjoy the beauty of the season.



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OK, Here We Go!

Are we rushing toward the holidays, or are the holidays rushing toward us?

The first week of November has come and gone. Now the countdown to the holidays begins. There’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and any other celebrations in-between. It’s a flurry of activity until January 2015 when we can finally take a breath and relax.

With the holidays inching closer every day, Limelight Deals suggests you get swept up in the brilliance of the season. The next couple months bring feelings of warmth and togetherness. There are lights twinkling on balconies , Christmas trees carefully decorated with presents underneath, and the aroma of cinnamon-scented pine cones as you enter the grocery store. We might even have a blanket of white snow as the days and nights get colder.

Limelight Deals also knows we can get caught up in the stressful parts of the holidays. There’s fighting crowds at the stores, planning trips out of town, and battling inclement weather, among other things. But these challenges should not detract from the wonder of the season.

If you need to, find a way to circumvent the stress and refocus on the season. Maybe you had a fight with a friend or family member. We suggest extending an olive branch and moving past the fight. Maybe you can go out for a nice dinner or treat your buddy to a day on the golf course. Now is a season of celebration: celebrating friends, family, and all the good things in our lives.

But if you’re still caught in the whirlwind of things you need to finish, take a moment to step back from it all. You deserve to relax too. In fact, why not take a day and go to your favorite skin clinic and get a rejuvenating treatment for your skin? After the hot summer and impending cold winter, you need a treatment which keeps your skin beautiful. Besides, you want to look fabulous for all those up-coming holiday parties you’re attending.

With the holiday season in full swing, enjoy all the delights of the season. Chores and errands will always be there, but the holidays only come around once a year.


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Trick or Treat!

Candy and costumes…ghouls, goblins and ghosts. A chill in the air, bare trees, and gray skies means one thing: it’s Halloween!

A whirlwind of activity starts tomorrow. Bowls are filled with candy. Kids dress up in their favorite costumes and trick or treat. Plastic skeletons and paper ghosts hang from houses and twist in the howling, Halloween winds.

Limelight Deals loves Halloween. It’s a time for tricks, treats, and scary surprises. There are haunted houses to visit, candy to eat, and costume contests to win. It’s the one time of year when you see Batman and the Joker walking side-by-side, laughing like old friends. Parents dress up their youngest in their first costumes, or let the oldest ones go out on their own for the first time with friends.

Halloween brings fantasy and fiction to life for one night. You can choose to believe that noise is just the wind knocking around the trees…or maybe it’s something else. There are an abundance of thrills and chills – but all in good fun, of course. It’s a night to indulge our wishes; you can be a superhero, your favorite movie or book character, or even an inanimate object! Costume options are only limited by your imagination.

Halloween memories are special. Who doesn’t remember their favorite costume, the houses with the best candy, or lining up with classmates for the inevitable Halloween day class parade? Those memories stay with us always.

Even with all the great things about Halloween (and there are many), Limelight Deals always advocates for a safe night, as well as a fun night. To ensure Halloween is fun for everyone, practice tried and true safety measures like walking in large groups, trick or treating early, and checking candy for anything which looks suspicious.

This year, have the best Halloween ever. Dress up, go out, get candy, and enjoy! After all, this hallowed evening only comes around once a year.


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Let’s Celebrate!

Do you have a birthday coming up soon? Or know someone who does? Well, then, it’s time to celebrate!

Birthdays are happy times when we celebrate another year of life. We realize how far we’ve come, the challenges we conquered, and look forward to the future.

We celebrate birthdays in a variety of ways: big parties, small family gatherings, with cake, a cool venue, and more. Some of us like giving cards, while others prefer calling or meeting in person. You might go all-out baking a fabulous cake and decorating or decide to keep it simple. The options are endless and so are the ways to tailor a birthday celebration to your specific likes.

Limelight Deals celebrated our third birthday a couple months ago, but we love birthdays so much, who can wait another year to celebrate? Of course we’re not celebrating our birthday again; we’re celebrating birthdays everywhere! We guarantee no matter how near or far your birthday is you know someone who has one coming up. And gathering together to celebrate another year of life – whether it’s your own, a relative, or friend – is truly special.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate? Maybe you’re the resident baker and are always busy baking cakes or other treats for parties. If you’re not a baker, that’s OK. Some people are avid decorators. They take a space and create a birthday wonderland with whatever supplies are available. The decorators create a unique, fun place for the celebration to take place.

Now that you have food and decorations done, what about gifts? You want to find a gift without breaking the bank. You’re such a savvy shopper, that’s no problem for you. The only problem is finding the perfect present. One option is to make something. You love to knit and winter is coming, so that’s a possibility. Or maybe the person you’re shopping for says they never have time to relax. How about buying a facial? 60-minutes of luxury and relaxation will cure anyone’s stress.

All gifts, parties, decorations and cakes aside, birthdays are always special. They’re a yearly marker of what happened during the past year and the beginning of whatever comes next. So if you know someone with a birthday coming up, wish them a happy day and celebrate the occasion the best way you know how. After all, birthdays are best when surrounded by friends and family.


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