Fairs, Food and Fun

We had two milestones this week: National Junk Food Day on the 21st and the start of the Jackson County Fair the day after. It’s no coincidence these events happened back-to-back. Everyone remembers their favorite junk food, especially at the fair.

Elephant ears, corn dogs, ice cream, hamburgers; the list goes on. If you can dream it, there’s probably a food stand that serves it fried. We at Limelight Deals suggest riding all the attractions before eating.

You must ride the roller coasters, Ferris wheel, and rides that swoosh, fly and spin. Or take a walk and enjoy the 4-H exhibits if your stomach isn’t ready for all those rides. Support our local youth as they compete. Besides, who doesn’t love looking at cute farm animals all day?

End the day with a show once you’ve seen all the exhibits. Jump up and sing along with live music. Don’t miss your favorite performer!

The fair comes around once a year. It’s the climax of a Southern Oregon summer and fun for the whole family.




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5 Tips for Handling Unpredictable Weather

Last week thunder, lightning and rain pounded the valley. This week it’s relatively calm. Blustery winds stir up leaves and partly cloudy skies keep us cool. At Limelight Deals we’re grateful for the nicer weather. Some of us aren’t the biggest fans of thunderstorms.

Now the question is: how do you plan for every possible weather scenario that could happen at any time? It’s a dilemma residents of Oregon know all too well. One day you’re wearing shorts and in a few hours cold rain pours down. You remember to bring an umbrella the next day only to awaken to sunny, 80 degree weather. Do you chance wearing shorts again? No, because the weather inevitably will change.

Hours later, still sunny.  Sound familiar?

If you like to plan ahead, Southern Oregon’s weather doesn’t make that easy. But you can overcome the unpredictable weather, and here’s how.

  • Pack backup clothes. During summer have a pair of pants and light jacket in your car as a warmer option.
  • Always have an umbrella somewhere; at your desk or in your car.
  • A practical hairstyle. Sensible clothes help in weather emergencies, but so does your hair. Get a cute, fun style appropriate for all seasons.
  • Closed-toed shoes. Your feet are protected if there’s suddenly four inches of rain sloshing down the road.
  • Keep sunscreen nearby. This is a must-have whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

These handy tips ensure you’re prepared for all weather. Enjoy!





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Thunderstorm Distraction Tips

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens don’t calm you during storms.

When the wind whips, thunder booms and lightning cracks across the sky, you need more than pleasant thoughts to take your mind off the outside calamity. Even (mostly) fearless Captain Limelight huddles inside his cape during thunderstorms.

Whether you have jittery pets, frightened kids or you’re scared, you need a plan for these tumultuous times. When the rain arrives with its best pals – thunder and lightning – the first thing is unplug all your electronics. Don’t take any chances of a power surge overloading the circuits. Close all the windows and doors; open the blinds if you want to watch the storm. Gather the family together, especially ones scared of storms.

Play a board game. Have an old half-built LEGO? Assemble it. Or rifle through the utility drawer for a deck of cards. Use candy as betting chips to add excitement to the game. Before you know it the storm passed and the weather returned to normal.

Playing games, talking and laughing provide a distraction from severe storms. Unplug from our 24/7 electronic world. Unite the family with fun games. Don’t fret when Southern Oregon throws a thunderstorm your way.




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Happy Birthday, America!

On July 4, 1776 we declared our independence loud and proud.

Each July 4th we celebrate our freedom and our country. We gather with family and friends and host picnics, barbeques, games and events. Fireworks light up the night sky; each spark punctuated with a crackle or boom.

We also remember those who serve our country and protect our freedoms. These brave men and women fight to keep the rights we fought for over 200 years ago. So while we watch the fireworks overhead, and feast on hot dogs and hamburgers, let’s take a moment to remember and thank our veterans for everything they’ve done and continue to do.

Limelight Deals loves green, but we’re red, white and blue through and through!

Happy (early) 4th of July, everyone!



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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

The only thing more American than baseball is a slice of apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream.

We’re well into summer and our local team, the Medford Rogues, have started their season. Summer is all about attending a home game with the family. Imagine this…

You approach the entrance gate and hear the announcer loud and clear. Fellow baseball-lovers are bustling around, visiting each stand and buying all their favorite concessions before the game starts.

The aroma of hot dogs, nachos and pizza entices your taste buds. Your stomach grumbles. You make a u-turn and stop at the nearest concession stand.

With food in hand, you take a seat just as the game starts. And you’re not disappointed. The Rogues are on fire! There were a couple close calls but the home team is holding their own.

It’s time for the seventh inning stretch, and boy, do you ever need to stretch. Leaning forward in anticipation of the next home run, jumping up to catch fly balls and doing the wave hurt your back and knees. Time to walk around while the announcer cracks jokes interjected with perfectly timed sound effects.

During your walk you see other folks taking their seventh inning stretch. A few are in line for a cold drink. Looking up, the sun is sitting high in the sky and small beads of sweat gather on your forehead. Was it always this hot? You join the others in line for a frosty, refreshing libation. Drink in hand, you return to your seat.

The sun has finally set and the last inning played. The Rogues win again!

…Now doesn’t that sound exciting? Spruce up your weekend plans with tickets to a home game. You can root, root, root for the Rogues!



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Beating the Heat, Or How I Stayed Cool in 105 Degree Weather


Triple digits. Summer is here and it’s taking no prisoners. How can it be we spent so many rainy days and cold nights wishing for this heat?

It’s a conundrum, all right. Every year we wish for summer during the winter and vice versa. But we’re a little startled when our desired weather arrives packing a punch. Sunny and 75? Sure, sounds great! 105 degrees? Not so much. Then our sweet, summer nights feel like the inside of an oven.

Limelight Deals knows the importance of staying cool in the heat. Not only does it feel good, it keeps us safe. We drink lots of water to stay hydrated and ward off any heat-related problems.

We wait until the last possible moment to turn on the air conditioning. We see if we can hold out one more degree and sleep peacefully with an indoor temperature of 75. There comes a time when we buckle and finally let the cool air bring the house to a livable temperature again.

Rather than suffer indoors or run up a crazy electric bill, why not seek out some cool activities? Southern Oregon has an ice rink open year round. You needn’t spend every day in the house. Grab your winter clothes and head out for a day of ice skating. There’s also an abundance of new movies premiering this summer. While the temperature climbs, settle in with your popcorn and soda for a movie day.

Don’t spend the summer inside hiding from the heat. Southern Oregon has plenty of activities to keep you busy and cool throughout the season.



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Chew on This!

Hamburgers. We flip and grill them. We smother them in cheese, onions, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce. Or if you’re a real adventurer, top them with everything from chili to French fries!  Then spread on a layer of ketchup, mustard or whatever else your heart desires. Hungry yet?

Well, we’ve not only entered the season for hamburgers but for swimming, baseball games and picnics. To sum it up, it’s summertime.

Limelight Deals loves summer. Anything and everything is possible. Rather than let your golf clubs gather dust in the closet, call your best bud and head out for an afternoon on the golf course. What says summer more than the aroma of freshly mowed grass and the sun glinting off distant water traps? Take in the natural beauty of Southern Oregon and brush up on your golf game. This year is your year to perfect your form and possibly get that elusive hole-in-one.

If you’re not the outdoorsy type, don’t worry! Summer is all about cranking up the A/C, swimming at the indoor pool and eating ice cream sandwiches while watching Netflix. And there’s no need to worry about all that time indoors making your skin pale. Book an appointment with the local tanning salon and get an organic, airbrush tan. Everyone will envy your gorgeous glow!

Whether you love the indoors or out, summer is your time. Hike and bike the trails or relax in the comfort of your own cool home.




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The Gateway to Summer


On Memorial Day weekend we barbeque, camp and visit with family. And we have an extra day in our weekend to do so! In Southern Oregon we never quite know what our weather will be, or how often it will change, but we plan our weekend anyway. Who hasn’t checked the weather daily to ensure the sunny weekend forecast you saw yesterday is still there today? It’s the Oregonian way!

Fortunately, The Powers That Be are predicting warm, sunny weather this weekend. Spirits are high and a fun-filled weekend lies ahead.

Now that the weather is cooperating, it’s time to work on step two of your Memorial Day weekend plan. Step two is all about deciding what to do. You want activities the whole family will enjoy. You need to find family friendly places. Luckily there are plenty to choose from!

When’s the last time you played dodge ball while jumping on a trampoline? Never? Now you can! Southern Oregon’s premier indoor trampoline park is fun for all ages. You can jump, dive, duck, bounce and play with the kids, all in safe and friendly environment.

If you’re craving more family time, set your sights on the local bowling alley for open play bowling. Rent your shoes, find a good ball and choose your lane. Bowling is an American classic. There’s nothing more thrilling than watching the ball spin end over end down the lane and crashing into all those pins.

You can’t let Memorial Day weekend pass without an all-American meal. You need burgers, BBQ, beer and milkshakes. Or indulge in a breakfast of biscuits and gravy and a stack of fluffy pancakes. Head out to the beautiful country which surrounds our humble city for a hearty, country meal.

By the time Monday rolls around, you’re exhausted! At least you have this extra day to relax at home with your family. Heat up some leftovers and gather everyone for dinner and movie. Enjoy the closeness and company of your loved ones. It’s a golden way to end your awesome weekend.



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L is For…

L isn’t just for the way you look. It’s also the beginning of one of our favorite words: luxury. Today Limelight Deals is all about luxury. So often we get caught up in the day-to-day drama. How can we give our best if we lose focus on our wellbeing?


We believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Why just dream about opulent spa days filled with relaxation and pampering? That can be your reality! All you have to do is choose. Make a conscious decision to relax. You may not know what the journey holds, but we guarantee you’ll get there.


The road to luxury looks blurry at best. You can’t see yourself relaxing happily on the other side. You must clear away the fog. Imagine yourself driving down that lavish road and all the stops along the way.


Right away the first exit you see is for a nail gel polish. Excellent! You’ve wanted to add some flair to your fingers for a while now. You’re feeling more confident so you roll down the windows and enjoy the fresh air and sun during your drive. But all the wind has created a frizzy mess atop your head. What to do? Zip along to your favorite salon for a deep conditioning treatment and trim.


After that you’re back on the road. Your new fingernail gel polish gleams as you grip the steering wheel and you occasionally catch glances of your new hairdo in the rearview mirror. Things are looking up.


What’s this now? A flat tire? There’s no spare in the trunk. You’re walking. You finally arrive at a friendly auto store which retrieves your car and fixes the flat. You’re relieved and exhausted; the long walk wore on your feet. Fortunately, the receptionist advises you there’s a place a couple miles down the road which offers complete spa pedicures. You kindly thank the receptionist, pay your bill and are on your away.


Your drive is uneventful for a while. You appreciate that after the flat tire incident. Your final stop is home again. After parking the car in the garage you collapse onto the bed. The familiar feel of your pillows and blankets welcomes you after your long journey. It was quite eventful but you’re thankful for every stop, surprise and person you met. You don’t feel life’s daily dramas tugging at your feet anymore. You traveled down the road of luxury and returned a totally different, joyful person.




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Mom is Our Hero!

Remember who was there to put a Band-Aid on your skinned knee? Or who made your favorite sandwich when you were sick? She never even so much as bat an eye when you requested a bologna sandwich on white bread with mayonnaise, mustard and Barbeque-flavored chips inside (for texture, of course). She wipes away our tears after a bad day and there’s nothing more comforting than one of her hugs.

So who is this multi-talented, unconditionally loving person?

Mom, of course!

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, we’re all focused on finding the perfect gift for Mom. How do you show your appreciation for a lifetime of hugs, kisses, support and love? Just the thought is overwhelming! Finding something seems nearly impossible. Fortunately, Limelight Deals has the inside scoop on how you can show Mom she’s the best.

Our moms work tirelessly for us all day, every day. Show your appreciation with an ultimate day of luxury. You can handle things at home while she has a day filled with relaxation and pampering. With all our crazy Oregon weather – wind, rain and sun all in one week! – it’s difficult to maintain a hairstyle that survives the elements. A Brazilian blowout leaves hair soft, silky and frizz-free no matter what the weather. And after a morning at the salon, treat Mom to a soothing 70-minute revitalizing facial. She’ll return home with a glowing face and gorgeous new locks. What an awesome day!

Even though we have a specific day set aside for Mom, show your gratitude and love every day. Share a meal together, see a movie, or spend the afternoon talking over coffee. You’ll both cherish those times forever.



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