How to Practice Patience

“I want patience, and I want it NOW!”

Doesn’t sound very patient, does it?

We live in a time where we get everything we want instantaneously. We watch TV from any device with a screen, text friends in another country, and buy our morning coffee from a drive-thru window. Most days we don’t wait long for whatever we want. And when we do wait, well, sometimes the results aren’t pretty.

Limelight Deals knows having patience isn’t easy. All of us have acted impatiently before but it’s not the end of the world. Awareness is half the battle. The other half is practice, practice, practice! To make the transition smoother, here are a few things worth waiting for and enjoying leisurely.

  1. Books and CDs – Thumb through a soft paperback. Listen to an audio book or CD while cleaning the house. Travel with your favorite characters as they adventure through dangerous lands or catch a killer. We don’t often take time to escape the constant buzz of our fast-paced, need-it-now world. Reading a book or listening to a CD removes us from the chaos and gives us with much needed peace and quiet.
  2. A Fine Meal – We’re not saying dress up and make a reservation at a five-star restaurant, although that does sound fun. A fine meal is whatever you’re craving: burgers and fries at the local greasy spoon; a hand-tossed thin crust pizza; a gooey brownie with vanilla ice cream; or an assortment of handcrafted sushi.
  3. A New Type of Medicine – Balance is a key factor in life. Internal balance is just as important as the external. Total body wellness, inside and out, changes your life. There are plenty of new, alternative healing methods which awaken energies that bring joy, passion and enthusiasm into your life. Return balance to your life; you’ll feel and think better! And we believe better thinking leads to an easier time practicing patience.

Patience is elusive in the modern world. Everything happens in an instant, nearly eliminating all forms of waiting. We should practice patience, even in a time of lightning-fast technology. After all, you never know when someone might perceive you as the person taking “too long” in line, but someone else acts patiently and kindly toward you. Be that person. Be the person with patience.




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Three Cheers for Today!

Last week ended with an allegedly unlucky day, Friday the 13th. Then our luck started to turn with Pi Day on Saturday. After all, who doesn’t love math and pie? Nobody here at Limelight Deals would refuse the chance to celebrate pie! Then on March 17th we embraced the luck of the Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day is a personal favorite of Captain Limelight, especially since his favorite color is any shade of green. But St. Patrick’s Day isn’t all about the color green and delicious Irish food. It’s about a sense of community and how we create that in our own lives.

When a fun holiday rolls around we don’t hesitate to grab our friends and family for a night on the town. When a holiday is absent, we forgo this excitement and passion, spending the night inside binging on Netflix. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that (House of Cards marathon, anyone?), but we must remember every day is worthy of a spectacular celebration, not just special holidays.

Did your son or daughter get good grades in school? Ace an impossible test? Then celebrate! Take the kids bowling on the weekend, or to the only drive thru wild animal park in Oregon where you can wash and feed the elephants. Maybe you got a promotion at work or closed a big deal. If so, call up your friends. Meet for drinks. Toast to a job well done and share your good news. What about a wedding, graduation, or the birth of a new baby? These are all reasons to celebrate.

Let’s not forget life’s little victories, either. If you mastered a new skill, successfully cooked your first meal or finally finished all those annoying, tedious chores, then celebrate that too. Pat yourself on the back, relax on the couch with a good movie, or treat yourself to a special dinner.

When we celebrate each and every day, there will always be good. Even if you have something stressful on the horizon, we bet there’s a silver lining hiding in there somewhere. Live joyously. Find and celebrate the good.




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Are You Superstitious?

A black cat eyes you walking to the office, so you cross the street and take the long way. You pass through an empty lot which is undergoing extensive construction. You’re careful not to walk underneath any ladders. Now it’s starting to rain! You pull your umbrella from your bag and rush toward the door. Knock on wood – you didn’t get wet. You dutifully cinch your umbrella shut and walk inside.

If any of that sounds familiar then you’re at least a little bit superstitious. And if you’re a tad superstitious, you know what today is.

Friday the 13th.

The unluckiest day of the month. Well, allegedly it’s the unluckiest day.

For some, Friday the 13th conjures up images of black cats, scary guys in masks, and old-fashion bad luck. For others, the day is considered lucky. And still there are others for whom the day has no meaning attached to it whatsoever. What camp do you fall in?

If you don’t already, Limelight Deals suggests you put a positive spin on this day. There’s nothing scary about Friday the 13th – unless you’re going to Camp Crystal Lake this summer. Horror movie references aside, Friday the 13th is just a day and nothing more. Why attach fear to something so harmless?

Instead of fearing Friday the 13th, embrace it! Believe it’s a good, lucky day and you won’t have anything to worry about. Your mind is a powerful tool.  You can change your reality by changing your thought process. And then today, and every other day, will be a happy day.




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A Few of Our Favorite Places

Everyone has a safe place. It’s where you retreat to during tough times and when you need to re-shift your mindset back to a positive place.

Limelight Deals wants you to recall your safe place. Where do you go to get away from it all? When life is crazy and hectic, what do you do?

A safe place isn’t necessarily a physical spot. You can feel safe cuddling under a fuzzy blanket, reading an enticing book and sipping a piping hot drink. The troubles of the world slowly slip away because you are comfortable doing something you enjoy. Rather than sling all that stress across your back and carry it everywhere you go, you’ve let it go and stepped into peace.

Other people have physical places they feel safest in. Maybe your comfort zone is behind the wheel of your classic car. You decide to put the top down and take a spin down the country roads. The sun warms your face and the trees rush by as you zip down the curves and straight-aways. The only things that exist are you and the road.

But a solitary road trip isn’t for everyone. Some of us feel safe in the company of others. We snuggle up with a loved one and watch reruns of old game shows. We take a trip to a local salon for a facial and massage, and leave feeling like a new person. Or we pull out our favorite board games and gather the family for game night.

Everyone has a special place or activity which brings feelings of safety and peace. Often we get frazzled by life and our minds are muddled with worry. There’s no time like the present to clear the muddy mental waters. Find your safe place and leave behind the mental fog.



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Friends Forever


“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.”

~Douglas Pagels

We crave connection with others. We’re connected to our friends, family, co-workers – even our pets! The friendships we cultivate keep us going during the day-to-day.

After a rough day, we happily collapse into the waiting arms of a spouse or parent. Nothing alleviates stress better than a warm hug and the reassurance from a loved one that you’re going to be OK. You emerge from their strong arms feeling renewed and able to move past your troubles.

You also have your best friend who you can always turn to in good times and bad. You meet after work for a drink and swap stories for hours. It’s freeing to chat, laugh and joke around. You share a similar sense of humor and finish each other’s sentences. You’re like two pieces of a friendship puzzle, which together, form a complete picture.

Then there’s another type of friend who loves us unconditionally – man’s best friend! A loyal, loving pet is always happy to see you, listen to your stories and cuddle up beside you day or night.

Limelight Deals believes friendships make a bad day good, and a good day magnificent. Today, show your friends how much you appreciate them. Invite them to dinner, go for a walk downtown or talk on the phone. We’re never alone when surrounded with friends. Reach out to yours and celebrate the awesomeness of friendship.




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Random Acts of Kindness

February 17th marked Random Acts of Kindness Day. On that day we embrace kindness, show compassion and help others. Limelight Deals is a huge believer in random acts of kindness. A simple smile to a stranger on the street could have positive impacts beyond your wildest dreams. It’s like tossing a stone into a lake and watching the ripples stretch on forever.

However, Limelight Deals believes random acts of kindness shouldn’t be limited to one day. They should happen all the time! One small act of kindness can completely change your attitude. Hasn’t that happened to you before? A stranger opens a door for you, someone returns the key you didn’t know fell out of your pocket, or you receive a friendly smile. Then your day goes from average to extraordinary.

Even though the official Random Acts of Kindness Day has passed, Limelight Deals has suggestions for nice things you can do anytime, anywhere.

  1. Write a complimentary note to family, friends or co-workers.
  2. Volunteer for a local organization in your community.
  3. Treat a friend to lunch. Talk, share and spend the afternoon together.

An act of kindness can change someone’s day. If they were driving to work in a funk, a friendly wave from a fellow driver changes their mood. Later that day, they’ll help a co-worker who’s having computer problems. Then that person will share their notes with someone who missed an important meeting. And the chain of kindness goes on and on without limit.

Today, Limelight Deals asks you to show kindness to everyone. Open the door for someone as you’re leaving your tanning appointment. Surprise your spouse by helping with the housework. The smallest of actions have the biggest impact on our days and lives. You may never know how far your acts of kindness reach, but know that your actions have a truly positive effect on everyone around you.



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Once Upon A Valentine’s Day

Today, Limelight Deals is sharing a story – the love story of Jude and Julie.

Jude and Julie met in high school, but weren’t high school sweethearts. Julie knew she liked Jude from the first class they shared but never approached him. It didn’t seem possible someone so amazing could ever feel the same about her. Little did she know Jude liked her too, but he never said anything.

Time passed and they went down different paths. But fate had better things in store for these two.

One night, Julie felt compelled to call Jude. She did and the friends reconnected after many months. Everything that followed was a whirlwind. They spent more time together. They created a life together and enjoyed every day they shared.

Now, many years later, Jude and Julie were still together. Their love for each other had grown and matured through the years. But as time had passed, it felt like life got in the way sometimes. It seemed like quality time was at a premium because much of their time was taken up with work, friends or chores.

Like many couples, Jude and Julie made plans for Valentine’s Day. In the past they ate dinner at nice restaurants, toured local breweries, enjoyed a morning coffee together, and bought gifts for each other such as gift cards to local clothing stores or stuffed animals. All these things were great but Jude and Julie wanted to try something new. While many couples celebrated Valentine’s Day, some fell into the clichés associated with the holiday. Jude and Julie didn’t want to be one of those couples.

This year it should be special, but not overdone. The focus should be on love and their love for each other. So Jude and Julie thought about what they liked best. Both of them loved food (who doesn’t, right?) and just wanted to spend quality time together. Suddenly, they had their answer to the perfect Valentine’s Day.

During the day, a warm, gooey macaroni and cheese recipe brewed in the slow cooker. Julie whipped up some homemade pretzels as dinner cooked. When the food was nearly finished, Jude lit the largest candle they had in the house, laid down a blanket on the living room floor and poured their favorite red wine. Jude and Julie settled down for their indoor picnic and laughed and talked as they enjoyed a homemade meal.

Jude and Julie had found their ideal Valentine’s Day. It focused not only on love, but specifically on their love and everything that made it special.

Limelight Deals wishes you a happy Valentine’s Day. Celebrate all forms of love and relationships: romantic, family, friends, and the love you have for yourself. Celebrate them all enthusiastically because each is important and unique.



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Stay Calm

A green meadow with rolling hills. Rushing rivers and babbling brooks. Wispy, white clouds drifting across a blue sky. These are the sights and sounds associated with peace.

But you might see and hear something a little different. Maybe your days are like this: constant phone calls and emails, kids screaming, problems at work and a messy house. It’s the opposite of peace but probably what most of us are familiar with.

Limelight Deals has some good news. You aren’t tied to that scenario. Even amidst chaos you can be a beacon of peace. You can embrace calm. Soon you’ll be lying in that green meadow staring at the blue sky – the exterior noises a distant memory.

Knowing where to begin is a difficult hurdle to overcome. The process starts with you. Don’t let chaos reign. Take small steps to create and embody calm. Find the places or things which relax you. Maybe the gym is your happy place because you feel invigorated after a lively workout.

Or what about another favorite type of relaxation – a massage? Treat yourself to a soothing massage or bring along your spouse for a couple’s massage.

When you find the calm amidst the crazy, life suddenly looks brighter. It’s no longer a list of bad things and problems you remind yourself of all day long. You can move past those incidents and enjoy the moment. Don’t harbor on the negative when there’s so much good awaiting you. There’s positivity in every moment. We just have to clear away the bad to see and experience the good.

Limelight Deals hopes you’re ready to live peacefully and happily. Take time for yourself – you deserve it! We all work hard. Now it’s time to relax.



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Better than Ordinary…Extraordinary!

January is almost over! Where has the time gone?

Holiday parties and festive meals are in our rearview mirror. A path filled with new opportunities lies ahead but most of us see only our regular, ordinary schedules. Nothing exciting. Monotony has clouded our vision and we can’t see through the mental fog of our daily routines.

We’re clearing a path for you. This week, Limelight Deals is your flashlight to navigate through the fog. It’s time to step out of thoughts of boredom and spice things up. It’s all about variety, right? A little change is good; it brings exhilarating new opportunities we hadn’t thought of before.

Most weeknights we don’t feel like cooking. Whether you had a long work day, spent the day cleaning or shuffling the kids from place to place, you’re tired. You don’t want to cook and as a result, your meals are mediocre and lack effort. If you feel like your weeknight meals are average, don’t despair. There are always new and exciting recipes you can use to liven up your food. If cooking isn’t your thing, we can help you there too. Don’t resort to driving to the nearest fast food joint. Grab the family and bring your dining experience to the next level. Rather than have another meal at the same old restaurant, take a trip around the world! Sample the exotic, warm flavors and foods of Hawaii, or indulge in the homemade pasta and sauces of Italy. Now your meal is more than a plate of food; it’s an experience to celebrate and savor.

Now that your appetite is satiated, we need to pamper the outside too. It’s time to relax – no cell phone, email, or calls. Treat yourself to a day of beauty. Rejuvenate your skin with a facial, relax with a massage, and feel fabulous after a wax, all in one convenient and affordable package. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, it’s all yours!

Limelight Deals hopes you feel more positive about the upcoming days. If you fill each day with joy and passion, there won’t be any room for mediocrity or boredom. Joyful days are within reach for everyone. All you need to do is shift your focus and find the fun and happiness in the present moment.


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Choose Magnificence

Hello, 2015!

Did you ring in the New Year with your sweetheart beside you and kiss at midnight? Share a toast with friends and family at home? Or you ventured out to different restaurants and welcomed 2015 in the company of other patrons. However you celebrated, that’s only the beginning.

In addition to celebrating, many of us made resolutions as 2014 became 2015. This year, Limelight Deals has a challenge for you. Rather than be resolved to something, make a declaration. Declare it loudly and proudly and then make the conscious decision to make it your reality. Rather than resolve to do something later, bring your declaration into the present. Create a vision, believe it, and make it happen. We think this will help you reach your goals and live magnificently in 2015.

Don’t know what to envision or declare? We have some ideas.

If you want to lose weight, don’t resolve to start later. Choose to start exercising and eating right today. Or maybe you want to start with something simpler. If you’re unhappy with your current hairstyle, choose to find a great stylist who can help you achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. Your declaration could also be overcoming a fear. Afraid of the dentist? Do the research and choose a professional, local dentist. You’ll not only have healthy teeth, you will conquer a fear.

Doesn’t that sound like a great way to live this year?

2015 is a new year with new beginnings. We can choose to do the same old things and repeat past patterns. Or you can decide to shake things up and live marvelously every day. Wake up each morning feeling inspired and motivated. A new year is upon is. Rather than get stuck in a rut, choose brilliance and passion every day.



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