Trick or Treat!

Candy and costumes…ghouls, goblins and ghosts. A chill in the air, bare trees, and gray skies means one thing: it’s Halloween!

A whirlwind of activity starts tomorrow. Bowls are filled with candy. Kids dress up in their favorite costumes and trick or treat. Plastic skeletons and paper ghosts hang from houses and twist in the howling, Halloween winds.

Limelight Deals loves Halloween. It’s a time for tricks, treats, and scary surprises. There are haunted houses to visit, candy to eat, and costume contests to win. It’s the one time of year when you see Batman and the Joker walking side-by-side, laughing like old friends. Parents dress up their youngest in their first costumes, or let the oldest ones go out on their own for the first time with friends.

Halloween brings fantasy and fiction to life for one night. You can choose to believe that noise is just the wind knocking around the trees…or maybe it’s something else. There are an abundance of thrills and chills – but all in good fun, of course. It’s a night to indulge our wishes; you can be a superhero, your favorite movie or book character, or even an inanimate object! Costume options are only limited by your imagination.

Halloween memories are special. Who doesn’t remember their favorite costume, the houses with the best candy, or lining up with classmates for the inevitable Halloween day class parade? Those memories stay with us always.

Even with all the great things about Halloween (and there are many), Limelight Deals always advocates for a safe night, as well as a fun night. To ensure Halloween is fun for everyone, practice tried and true safety measures like walking in large groups, trick or treating early, and checking candy for anything which looks suspicious.

This year, have the best Halloween ever. Dress up, go out, get candy, and enjoy! After all, this hallowed evening only comes around once a year.


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Let’s Celebrate!

Do you have a birthday coming up soon? Or know someone who does? Well, then, it’s time to celebrate!

Birthdays are happy times when we celebrate another year of life. We realize how far we’ve come, the challenges we conquered, and look forward to the future.

We celebrate birthdays in a variety of ways: big parties, small family gatherings, with cake, a cool venue, and more. Some of us like giving cards, while others prefer calling or meeting in person. You might go all-out baking a fabulous cake and decorating or decide to keep it simple. The options are endless and so are the ways to tailor a birthday celebration to your specific likes.

Limelight Deals celebrated our third birthday a couple months ago, but we love birthdays so much, who can wait another year to celebrate? Of course we’re not celebrating our birthday again; we’re celebrating birthdays everywhere! We guarantee no matter how near or far your birthday is you know someone who has one coming up. And gathering together to celebrate another year of life – whether it’s your own, a relative, or friend – is truly special.

What are your favorite ways to celebrate? Maybe you’re the resident baker and are always busy baking cakes or other treats for parties. If you’re not a baker, that’s OK. Some people are avid decorators. They take a space and create a birthday wonderland with whatever supplies are available. The decorators create a unique, fun place for the celebration to take place.

Now that you have food and decorations done, what about gifts? You want to find a gift without breaking the bank. You’re such a savvy shopper, that’s no problem for you. The only problem is finding the perfect present. One option is to make something. You love to knit and winter is coming, so that’s a possibility. Or maybe the person you’re shopping for says they never have time to relax. How about buying a facial? 60-minutes of luxury and relaxation will cure anyone’s stress.

All gifts, parties, decorations and cakes aside, birthdays are always special. They’re a yearly marker of what happened during the past year and the beginning of whatever comes next. So if you know someone with a birthday coming up, wish them a happy day and celebrate the occasion the best way you know how. After all, birthdays are best when surrounded by friends and family.


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Early Holiday Shopping

It’s the middle of October and the holidays are inching ever closer. Soon you’ll replace Halloween decorations with Thanksgiving centerpieces, and those with Christmas wreaths and trees.

If you’re like some of us at Limelight Deals, every year you promise to get all your shopping done early. You absolutely will not wait until the last minute. Even with all those good intentions, sometimes we still procrastinate and hurry to finish shopping. This year, we want to help you avoid the last-minute rush by providing some tips and early gift suggestions.

First, write a list of everyone you need to shop for: spouse, kids, relatives, friends and co-workers. Also, seeing individual names might spark some creative gift ideas.

Let’s start with your spouse. With errands, chores, and taking the kids to after school activities, it seems like an eternity since you had any alone time. You can’t even remember the last time you had dinner together that wasn’t leftovers or takeout. It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Instead of waiting for things to slow down, create your own relaxation. There’s a cozy little inn nestled safely away from the modern world. And it’s only a short drive away.  You book a one-night stay; plus, you can both enjoy a romantic dinner and scrumptious breakfast the next morning. Satisfied, you check this gift off your list. Now, who’s next?

You want the kids to have new experiences. They spend too many weekends in front of the TV or glued to the couch. But getting them out and about for a fun activity will require a little finesse. You don’t want to do something you’ve done a hundred times before. And it shouldn’t feel forced. You need an outing that’s fun, cool, exciting and new. A friend tells you about a business in Jacksonville where people ride Segways. You didn’t think there was anything like that in Southern Oregon! Elated, you know without a doubt this is the ideal gift for your kids.

As you’re checking names off your list, you almost forgot one person: you. Giving to others is important, but so are you. You shouldn’t let the holidays pass without something for yourself, too. Luckily, you know exactly what you like.

But maybe you’re thinking, It’s only October…why shop now? You should shop now because the holidays will be here before you know it. It happens every year. One minute it’s Labor Day and the next you’re preparing Thanksgiving dinner. This year, don’t get caught unprepared. Continuously search for great deals and work on your shopping list a little at a time. Then when the holidays arrive, you can relax because you shopped early.



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When Life Gives You Lemons…

At Limelight Deals, we talk a lot about the importance of relaxation, “me time,” and other things which keep you (and your sanity) a top priority. We never want to see anyone put themselves last.

But we also know perfect weeks filled with ultimate luxury and relaxation don’t happen all the time. More often than not, days and weeks are stressful. You probably have times where you handle a crisis, or multiple crises, before 8:30 a.m. In those times, it’s important to stay calm and make the best out of a potentially bad situation. Sometimes our most trying times lead to the best outcomes. It all depends on your reactions.

So when life hands you some lemons, do you smash them into pieces or make cool, refreshing lemonade?

Imagine this: You bought a new bike. It’s fast, sleek, and gleams in the sun. Perfection in the form of a bike. Next week you start bicycling to work rather than driving, and feel great about your new initiative. Then Monday morning rolls around and your child missed the bus. You let your little one ride your bike in order to arrive at school on time. You think, What’s the harm? It’s just this one time.

You arrive home from work later that day to find your bike scratched and your child in tears. What do you do? You could get angry, or you could get your bike repaired without a fuss. You opt for the latter because you know of a friendly, local bike store that can help. And by not letting stress rule the day, you’re happy, your child is happy, and your bike is better than new.

You survived the Bike Scratch Scandal of 2014 with grace and poise. Nothing else could go wrong, right? Feeling optimistic you return to your normal routine. It’s dinnertime so you decide to bake some chicken for the family. You relax with a good book while dinner cooks. Then you smell it. Smoke. You race to the kitchen and yank a dish of blackened chicken out of the oven. How could this happen? You never burn anything! Defeated, you throw everything out. As you resign to the couch, your family rushes to your side for support. They mentions it’s been a while since you all enjoyed a night out together. The suggestion makes you smile. So everyone piles into the car and you’re off to your favorite restaurant which has all the tastes and comforts of home. All in all, it’s a good night.

Do either of these scenarios sound familiar? If stress has gotten the best of you before, that’s OK. Limelight Deals understands and we sympathize. But don’t let stress overtake you. Find a time, even if only a moment, to relax. Practice deep breathing, read a book, sneak in a weekend pedicure, meditate – the options are endless. Don’t give into stress. Find a way to make lemonade.


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Autumn Has Arrived!

What do you love most about fall? Is it the leaves changing color? Or maybe it’s the faint scent of pumpkins, apples, and spices in the air. Whatever it is, Limelight Deals loves fall and we hope you do too. Now that we’re in October, autumn is in full swing. Southern Oregon may have a couple more days of warm weather up its sleeve, but you can’t ignore the crisp chill in the air.

Fall is a season full of possibilities. We stroll through the park as the sun sets on a quilt of red, orange, and yellow leaves. Our kitchens are filled with the tastes and smells of comfort food, tempting neighbors and passersby. You and a friend play nine holes of golf against a beautiful autumn backdrop. The family goes on a last-minute camping trip before winter, and the kids share ghost stories at school in preparation for Halloween.

All of these things (and more) create a season which wraps its arms around us. This year, Limelight Deals wants you to enjoy the embrace of fall. Relax with family and friends in the comfort of home. Turn off the TV and gather around the table for a hot drink and pleasant conversation. Go out and breathe in the fresh autumn air. Find a day to sneak away to your favorite spa for a massage, and then return home to a cup of cocoa or gooey dessert.

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the arrival of autumn. As long as you’re relaxed, cozy and comfy, then you’ve truly embraced the soul of the season.



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Fall Into a New Season

As the weather changes, Limelight Deals knows your priorities vary too. But however your schedule changes, we encourage you to find time for yourself amid the chaos. Spend time with family and take pleasure in the little things.

Next week, autumn arrives. It’s the start of a new season and a flurry of activity. The first day of fall marks the beginning of the holidays and the end of summer. The BBQ goes back in storage while crates of decorations are pulled out and dusted off. The leaves are changing and falling, blanketing the streets in their warm, familiar colors.

As the season changes, so do your responsibilities. It’s time to hang up the sundresses and shorts, and unfold sweaters and winter jackets. Instead of planning summer vacations you’re driving the kids to soccer practice and preparing lunches for school.

There are other changes in the air, too. Summer backyard baseball becomes Monday night football. You use your hockey tickets and take the family to watch the local team. During the day, you have a pot of heartwarming stew cooking which has the house smelling fabulous by dinnertime. And on the weekend, you’re busy baking something yummy for everyone to share. Or, you make an early morning trip and return with a dozen delicious donuts. Either way, as the leaves are falling outside, sweet and savory aromas are filling the house inside. It’s the perfect time of year.

Enjoy this comfy, cozy season surrounded by friends and family. It only comes around once a year and you want to savor every second.


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Busy Week Survival Tips

How do you survive a hectic week? Are you constantly planning, rescheduling, and looking ahead? Your calendar at home is probably overflowing with appointments and shorthand that looks like a secret code.

Crazy days happen. One moment you’re going along peacefully and then WHAM! All of a sudden you have a million things to do and don’t know where to start.

Picture this: On Sunday night, you get a call your in-laws are coming into town. You’re excited because you haven’t seen them in a while. Then you’re told they’re arriving tomorrow evening. Your stomach hits the floor. How are you going to get everything done in time? You start prioritizing what needs to get done; first and foremost you’ll spend the day cleaning. What about dinner? You decide to surprise your in-laws with a night on the town. You want a warm and welcoming place with great food, service, and prices. You know just the place!

Your in-laws stayed for a couple days and everyone had fun. Success! Now you need to continue planning for your vacation next week. All you can think about is the tropical paradise awaiting you. But what will you wear? Your swimsuit is so last season and you want some additional outfits for everyday wear. You go to the best, and only, swim specialty store in Southern Oregon. The friendly staff helps you find what you need quickly and efficiently, so you save time and money.

You’ve successfully shopped for your vacation. But you just remembered you’re providing the food for your   friend’s bridal shower this Saturday. You want something local and authentic so you choose a platter of 30    scrumptious beef, chicken, and pork tacos. Your friends will enjoy the selection and fresh ingredients. You  have the food done but you need to focus on yourself, too. You have the perfect outfit, but what to do with your hair? It’s time for a different style with highlights, or maybe a whole new color.

The party is over. The food was a hit and your hair looks fabulous. It’s the day before your vacation and you’re exhausted. It’s finally time to relax and embark on a new adventure.

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And the Award Goes to…

We have announced the nominees. The votes are coming in. You know what time it is. The Emmys? The Oscars? Nope.

It’s the Mail Tribune Reader’s Choice 2014! With your help, we gathered a pool of nominees and the voting period is open until September 10th. Submit your votes for your favorite local businesses in Southern Oregon. The results will be announced in a special Readers’ Choice Section October 26, 2014.

You may ask yourself, “What’s in this for me?” First, you get the satisfaction of supporting local businesses. Second, there are prizes! You can win 1 of 9 $100 gift cards from the top three local businesses with the most votes in these categories: Best Local Restaurant, Best Local Spa, and Best Grocery Store.

But what does Readers’ Choice have to do with Limelight Deals? Great deals, of course! This week we featured two local businesses which are also Readers’ Choice nominees.

You can vote for your favorite theater and score two-for-one tickets to a fabulous show. Or is an outdoor activity more to your liking? Imagine sitting on a soft blanket, watching the last days of summer fade into fall as you sip wine and listen to live music with a friend.

But don’t stop with our deals. While you’re voting, look through all the businesses. Is there one you didn’t know of but sounds intriguing? If so, take a drive and see them! Readers’ Choice is all about the community supporting its neighborhood businesses. While not everyone can win, we know all these businesses are top-notch. It’s always good to have your list of favorites, but venture out to new places too.

Today, Limelight Deals encourages you to vote and shop local. Support Southern Oregon’s businesses and our blossoming community.

And don’t forget to share your favorite businesses on our Facebook page!


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Who Loves Coffee? We Do!

“Coffee is a hug in a mug.” ­– Author Unknown

Coffee keeps us going throughout the day. Brewing coffee is the first thing you do in the morning. While you’re busy getting ready for work, making lunches for the kids, or trying to get everyone out the door on time, the savory smell of coffee wafts through your house and tickles the noses of everyone nearby.

Whether you prefer light or dark roast, instant or grind the beans yourself, you’ve probably experienced the morning cup of coffee phenomenon. It’s the perfect moment right after turning on the coffee pot. The coffee is brewing (and smells delicious), and you’re standing in the kitchen as the morning light trickles into through the windows. For a brief moment, it’s like starring in your very own Folgers’ commercial.

Then reality comes screaming back, jolting you out of your moment of peace. But that’s what the coffee is for, right? It’s there to jumpstart your day. However, we’re probably all guilty of multiple-cups-of-coffee days, which look similar to this:

7:00 a.m. – Wake up. Brew coffee. Go to work.

11:00 a.m. – Your 15-minute break. Grab some coffee from the break room.

2:30 p.m. – Mid-afternoon drowsiness. Walk to your local coffee shop and buy coffee and a snack.

6:00 p.m. – It’s too late for coffee. Brew a cup of decaf tea to unwind from your busy day.

So, has that been your day before? If so, you may need more than coffee. Coffee can help start the day, but sometimes, you need to set aside your mug and breathe. Relax. Spend a day at the salon. If some personal TLC has dropped off your to-do list, put it back! And make you a top priority.

We all love coffee. We sip it while reading the morning paper or grab a cup on the way to work. It’s our wakeup call or mid-afternoon reward for working hard. But don’t forget to splurge on other great Southern Oregon deals, too, courtesy of your friends at Limelight Deals.

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Daydreaming: Three Easy Steps

Has anyone ever told you to get your head out of the clouds? To stop daydreaming and return to the real world? Today, Limelight Deals is telling you the opposite. We want you to daydream. It relieves stress, improves your overall mood, and even motivates you to get your chores done.

Daydreaming is a powerful tool when used correctly, but so often, people do it wrong. Maybe you’re guilty of playing “Angry Birds” on your phone, or mindlessly flipping through the TV channels, and calling that daydreaming. Unfortunately, those are just more distractions. We think genuine daydreaming is when you’re staring blankly at the nearest wall; your eyes glazed over and a small smile on your face.

To make it simple, we’ve outlined a few steps for streamlined daydreaming.


Don’t schedule your daydreaming, just let it happen. Maybe it’s right after the kids leave for school and the house is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. That’s a good time for daydreaming. So don’t think about the three loads of laundry and pile of dishes waiting for you. Lie down on the couch, close your eyes, and fantasize about the next manicure you’re going to get or possible plot twists on Game of Thrones.


Can you daydream at work? Well, we don’t want to get you into any trouble, so we’ll leave that decision up to you. But we’re certain at least one of your co-workers has succumbed to that 2:30 drowsiness and fallen into a daydreaming session. Fortunately, your choices for daydreaming locations are pretty limitless. Find a patch of green grass in your yard, a chair by the pool (or one of those inflatable chairs you lay down on in the pool), the couch, or a soft recliner and let your daydreams take you away.


This is the easiest part, but so many of us get stuck at this point. You’ve found a good time and comfortable place; you close your eyes…and then nothing. Your mind goes totally blank. Don’t get frustrated because you can’t think of anything. Just relax and a good daydream will come to you.

It’s important to daydream whether you think about traveling abroad, seeing all your favorite live concerts, or being a superhero. At least for a little while, let your imagination run wild.





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