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Summer 2014. What are your plans? The 80 degree weather is here, and the sun and blue sky are begging us to come out and play. Will you think big this year – travel out of state, across country, or even around the world? Or maybe your plans involve multiple TV marathons in your air-conditioned house. Whether your plans are big, small, or non-existent, we’re here to help plan something exotic, exciting, and community-driven: the staycation.

Often overlooked, with a staycation you can visit new places all within driving distance. It has all the perks of a vacation without creating holes in your wallet. We’re going to give you the basics of how to plan a sensational staycation, and a few trip ideas along the way.

Plan Ahead

Have you ever driven by a place and thought “I want to visit there someday”? Well, write it down! Start a list of places which pique your interest. In no time at all you’ll have a lengthy list to review.

Use Local Resources

Limelight Deals, your local paper, business websites and Facebook pages are all at your disposal. Check them all and check frequently. Also, check your May 16thpaper for a copy of the annual Summer Recreation Guide. This handy guide showcases can’t-miss activities for the entire family. If you can’t find a copy of this popular guide, don’t worry; it will also be available online for you to view at any time.

Set a Budget

Limelight Deals and local businesses work diligently to bring you great deals, but we also understand the importance of setting a budget. Creating a realistic budget ensures you’ll relax during your staycation and not endure money woes afterward.

View it like a Real Vacation

Don’t let anyone undermine your hard work by insisting your staycation is not a real vacation. This is your vacation: your time, your money, and your ideas. Take off the time from work and mark the days off on your calendar. Be a tourist and view Southern Oregon like you never have before.

Have Fun!

This is the most important step of all. You’ve dreamt of it, planned and saved for it; now it’s time to enjoy the benefits of your work.

If you’re excited to start planning, but still not sure what to do yet, start your staycation with Limelight Deals. Beginning today, we have six Southern Oregon deals you can use during your staycation. If you want a more adult staycation, how about playing a round of golf? For the older kids – and kids at heart – ride a Segway. Other options include a BBQ buffet or the crawdad festival (it’s your choice!), an encounter with exotic wildlife, and a cultured night at the theatre. Don’t feel overwhelmed; it’s a lot of fun to take in all at once. That’s why we recommend a healthy exercise regimen at your local 24/7 fitness center before beginning your staycation adventures.

Gather your friends and family, and under the tantalizingly warm rays of the sun, begin your summer recreation journey.


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