Part 2: How to Stay Cool in 100 Degree Weather

Welcome back, Southern Oregon, to Part Two of “How to Stay Cool in 100 Degree Weather.” After another week of hot days, Limelight Deals is suggesting more ideas on how to stay cool.

We’re starting with water again, but this time, in a completely different form. Previously, we talked about    drinking water to stay cool and hydrated. But now, instead of drinking water, we want you to dive into your  nearest pool or lake. Nothing beats the heat like a dip in a cool pool. Even if you don’t have a pool, there are  ones which are open to the community. You can bring the family and enjoy a nice swim on a hot day.

Or, if pools aren’t your style, pack up the family and drive down to your favorite lake. You can swim or rent a boat and zip across the water. It can be a one-day trip or, if you grab the camping gear, make it a fun vacation.

But we understand the outdoors isn’t for everyone. So for the lovers of the great indoors, we have ideas for you too. Staying inside is usually an easy way to stay cool. But how many days can you binge on Netflix before you’re bored out of your mind? There are plenty of ways to stay indoors without being confined to your house. Summer is the season for good movies. Whether you love action, romance, comedy or drama, the movie theater has something just for you.

If you prefer more lively indoor activities, the local wineries have indoor tasting rooms. Invite a couple of friends and spend the day touring Southern Oregon’s wine country. You can bask in the cool indoors while enjoying wine and good conversation.

Even though it sounds like the opposite of staying cool, we suggest attending the local festivals.  It may be outdoors but you can still stay cool and have fun. A covered tent or shade tree allows  you to enjoy the festivities without getting too hot. Southern Oregon hosts a variety of unique  festivals – ranging from a brew fest on the beach to celebrating Oktoberfest in August!

Don’t let the heat get you down this summer. There’s lots of ways to stay cool and active, no matter how hot it is. And if you think there’s anything we missed, share your ideas with us!

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