Fall Into a New Season

As the weather changes, Limelight Deals knows your priorities vary too. But however your schedule changes, we encourage you to find time for yourself amid the chaos. Spend time with family and take pleasure in the little things.

Next week, autumn arrives. It’s the start of a new season and a flurry of activity. The first day of fall marks the beginning of the holidays and the end of summer. The BBQ goes back in storage while crates of decorations are pulled out and dusted off. The leaves are changing and falling, blanketing the streets in their warm, familiar colors.

As the season changes, so do your responsibilities. It’s time to hang up the sundresses and shorts, and unfold sweaters and winter jackets. Instead of planning summer vacations you’re driving the kids to soccer practice and preparing lunches for school.

There are other changes in the air, too. Summer backyard baseball becomes Monday night football. You use your hockey tickets and take the family to watch the local team. During the day, you have a pot of heartwarming stew cooking which has the house smelling fabulous by dinnertime. And on the weekend, you’re busy baking something yummy for everyone to share. Or, you make an early morning trip and return with a dozen delicious donuts. Either way, as the leaves are falling outside, sweet and savory aromas are filling the house inside. It’s the perfect time of year.

Enjoy this comfy, cozy season surrounded by friends and family. It only comes around once a year and you want to savor every second.


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