Beating the Heat, Or How I Stayed Cool in 105 Degree Weather


Triple digits. Summer is here and it’s taking no prisoners. How can it be we spent so many rainy days and cold nights wishing for this heat?

It’s a conundrum, all right. Every year we wish for summer during the winter and vice versa. But we’re a little startled when our desired weather arrives packing a punch. Sunny and 75? Sure, sounds great! 105 degrees? Not so much. Then our sweet, summer nights feel like the inside of an oven.

Limelight Deals knows the importance of staying cool in the heat. Not only does it feel good, it keeps us safe. We drink lots of water to stay hydrated and ward off any heat-related problems.

We wait until the last possible moment to turn on the air conditioning. We see if we can hold out one more degree and sleep peacefully with an indoor temperature of 75. There comes a time when we buckle and finally let the cool air bring the house to a livable temperature again.

Rather than suffer indoors or run up a crazy electric bill, why not seek out some cool activities? Southern Oregon has an ice rink open year round. You needn’t spend every day in the house. Grab your winter clothes and head out for a day of ice skating. There’s also an abundance of new movies premiering this summer. While the temperature climbs, settle in with your popcorn and soda for a movie day.

Don’t spend the summer inside hiding from the heat. Southern Oregon has plenty of activities to keep you busy and cool throughout the season.



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