Thunderstorm Distraction Tips

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens don’t calm you during storms.

When the wind whips, thunder booms and lightning cracks across the sky, you need more than pleasant thoughts to take your mind off the outside calamity. Even (mostly) fearless Captain Limelight huddles inside his cape during thunderstorms.

Whether you have jittery pets, frightened kids or you’re scared, you need a plan for these tumultuous times. When the rain arrives with its best pals – thunder and lightning – the first thing is unplug all your electronics. Don’t take any chances of a power surge overloading the circuits. Close all the windows and doors; open the blinds if you want to watch the storm. Gather the family together, especially ones scared of storms.

Play a board game. Have an old half-built LEGO? Assemble it. Or rifle through the utility drawer for a deck of cards. Use candy as betting chips to add excitement to the game. Before you know it the storm passed and the weather returned to normal.

Playing games, talking and laughing provide a distraction from severe storms. Unplug from our 24/7 electronic world. Unite the family with fun games. Don’t fret when Southern Oregon throws a thunderstorm your way.




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