5 Tips for Handling Unpredictable Weather

Last week thunder, lightning and rain pounded the valley. This week it’s relatively calm. Blustery winds stir up leaves and partly cloudy skies keep us cool. At Limelight Deals we’re grateful for the nicer weather. Some of us aren’t the biggest fans of thunderstorms.

Now the question is: how do you plan for every possible weather scenario that could happen at any time? It’s a dilemma residents of Oregon know all too well. One day you’re wearing shorts and in a few hours cold rain pours down. You remember to bring an umbrella the next day only to awaken to sunny, 80 degree weather. Do you chance wearing shorts again? No, because the weather inevitably will change.

Hours later, still sunny.  Sound familiar?

If you like to plan ahead, Southern Oregon’s weather doesn’t make that easy. But you can overcome the unpredictable weather, and here’s how.

  • Pack backup clothes. During summer have a pair of pants and light jacket in your car as a warmer option.
  • Always have an umbrella somewhere; at your desk or in your car.
  • A practical hairstyle. Sensible clothes help in weather emergencies, but so does your hair. Get a cute, fun style appropriate for all seasons.
  • Closed-toed shoes. Your feet are protected if there’s suddenly four inches of rain sloshing down the road.
  • Keep sunscreen nearby. This is a must-have whether it’s sunny or cloudy.

These handy tips ensure you’re prepared for all weather. Enjoy!





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